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27/09/2017 An enormous tourism opportunity - or a disaster?
04/09/2017 Fair Trade & Sustainable Tourism
17/05/2017 New EBBC Guide: EMAS and Biodiversity
25/04/2017 Sustainable Tourism in Adriatic & Ionian Region
13/03/2017 Berlin Declaration on “TRANSFORMING TOURISM”
07/02/2017 IYSTD2017: Germany Travel launches "Sustainable Travel" site
15/12/2016 European ERASMUS project for Sustainable Tourism
24/11/2016 Deutschland: Nachhaltige Tourismusdestinationen - jetzt bewerben!
08/11/2016 SECTEUR: What Climate Change information do you need?
29/09/2016 100 Destinations Win Global Sustainability Competition
13/09/2016 Join the GGDD 27.-28.09. in Ljubliana!
29/08/2016 EU Ecolabel: 782 certified tourism on the DestiNet Atlas
08/03/2016 GreenTravelMaps: starting with Germany
12/01/2016 28/01/2016: ETIS and Accessible Tourism
18/12/2015 Season Greetings from ECOTRANS
25/09/2015 Biodiversity: Checklists & Green Travel Map for Germany
24/09/2015 Lošinj Hotels nominated for the prestigious world wellness award
04/05/2015 European Parliament: Is Sustainable Tourism a trend in Europe?
28/04/2015 GSTC offers new programme for destinations
31/03/2015 Quickfinder on Sustainable Tourism Certification worldwide
13/03/2015 German destinations: 86% expect significant importance of sustainable tourism
02/03/2015 ITB: Launching Green Destinations’ Global Top 100
16/02/2015 DestiNet services expanded for Green Key
12/02/2015 Basquetour hosting the European Summer School 2015
17/12/2014 Biodiversity Criteria for Tourism: Recommendations for standards, labels and awards
10/12/2014 World’s first green destinations Top 100
05/12/2014 Biodiversitätskriterien: Empfehlungen für Labels und Awards
25/07/2014 INSPIRECO CHALLENGE: image competition until 7th Oct 2014
23/07/2014 Europe:How to become a Green Destination?
14/05/2014 GreenHopping - travelling responsibly in Europe
30/04/2014 VISTAS! Cascais - nature by the med wins award
30/04/2014 A Guide Through the Label Jungle on Travelmole
14/04/2014 Algarve: Lagos - beautiful portuguese beach resort wins award
02/04/2014 VISTAS! Gozo - Eco Island by 2020
12/03/2014 VISTAS! Show at ITB & Winners 2014
10/03/2014 A guide through the tourism label jungle – updated and extended
05/03/2014 VISTAS at ITB: Show off YOUR destination
05/03/2014 ECO Certification Malta Partners with DestiNet Services
28/02/2014 Great Green Deal Partners with DestiNet Services
11/02/2014 Green Key partners with DestiNet Services
16/01/2014 EEN Newsletter # 5
15/01/2014 ITB - Destinations for VISTAS: apply now!
30/11/2013 New European Toolkit Supporting Ecotourism Development
18/11/2013 QualityCoast with the GSTC criteria for Destinations!
12/11/2013 Travelife now in Croatia, Greece, Latvia and Poland
05/11/2013 European Ecotourism: Common understanding achieved
04/11/2013 Customer service for sustainable tourism
02/11/2013 DestiNet provides more transparency on sustainable tourism
07/10/2013 EEC2013: European Ecotourism Declaration!
20/09/2013 South Pacific Regional Tourism Executive Training Programme
05/08/2013 Antarctic tourism is the best managed tourism in the world.
26/05/2013 ECOTRANS gives insight to 50 leading labels worldwide
18/05/2013 German Award for Sustainable Tourism Regions goes to Uckermarck
09/05/2013 Ecolnet News 3: Networking Ecotourism in Europe
06/05/2013 New fact sheet: EMAS in the Tourism sector
21/03/2013 Turkey goes green!
21/03/2013 ECOTRANS revealed both massive European networks and new green developments
17/03/2013 New Ecotourism e-tools available
06/03/2013 1993-2013: Happy Birthday ECOTRANS!
23/02/2013 European Tourism Indicators for Sustainable Destinations launched!
20/02/2013 Holidaying in Hurghada - a 'SICKE' Destination
11/02/2013 The new faces of responsible tourism in Asia Pacific
31/01/2013 Travelife: First GSTC recognised standard for tour operators
15/01/2013 German Sustainability Award - winning destinations 2012: Freiburg, Neumarkt, Wunsiedel
02/01/2013 CSR Days Vienna: DestiNet for Destinations on 11 jan!
21/12/2012 Seasons Greetings from ECOTRANS!
18/12/2012 Call for papers: Communities as part of sustainable rural tourism
05/12/2012 New Toolkit for Knowledge Networking with DestiNet!
10/11/2012 INSPIRECO: Isparta starts European Ecotourism project
18/10/2012 Jennifer Seif of FTTSA: Tour operators - pay fair prices and be transparent
14/10/2012 FTTSA certified Tourism on the DestiNet Atlas
10/10/2012 Monique Leffin of Ecolabel Luxemburg: tax airline fuel to make prices fair
05/10/2012 New on DestiNet: 40 Ecolabel Luxemburg businesses
12/09/2012 113 certificates on DestiNet - 13 standards recognised by GSTC!
05/09/2012 Austrian Ecolabel: integrate sustainable development in touristic education!
04/09/2012 London 2012 Olympic Peace Campaign Starts at the House of Lords
03/09/2012 London 2012 Olympic Peace Campaign Kicks off in the House of Lords
22/08/2012 Focus on sustainable tourism certifying: ALPINE PEARLS
18/08/2012 Give them Bread and Games ...
31/07/2012 Focus on sustainable tourism certifying - the BLUE SWALLOW
17/07/2012 Another interesting WERT Meeting at Vasilias NIkoklis Cyprus
10/07/2012 VESTAS, Rio+20, green tourism certification networks
08/07/2012 All Blue Swallow certified hotels now on Destinet
28/06/2012 Join "Ecotourism in Europe" -livestream June 29th, 2012 !
20/06/2012 Rio +20: An overview for Tourism Stakeholders
17/06/2012 The Week for Rio +20
07/06/2012 Latvia: Sustainable Tourism Destination developed in the "Slītere National Park"
06/06/2012 European Federation of Artists´Colonies
31/05/2012 CHAMP - Local Response to Climate Change!
10/05/2012 New on Earth: ICTP - International Council of Tourism Partners
26/04/2012 GSTC launches public consultation on Global Criteria for Destinations
26/04/2012 Defining wilderness
26/04/2012 Certification of wilderness in progress in Turkey
22/04/2012 All Viabono certified tourism now on DestiNet!
01/04/2012 Now all CSR Tourism certified tour operators and travel agencies on DestiNet
29/03/2012 Sustainable tourism: new methods to aid planning
24/03/2012 Now 270 tourism businesses and services certified by the Austrian Ecolabel
04/03/2012 New guide through the label jungle !
14/02/2012 Olympic Effort makes Lord Bates the worlds most responsible and sustainable tourist
19/01/2012 Rio+20: Is this the future we want?
18/01/2012 First 10 certification standards recognised by GSTC
15/01/2012 First Global Labelguide for Tourists published!
20/10/2011 UNWTO launches Hotel Energy Solutions Toolkits
05/10/2011 New Online Platform to spur Sustainable Tourism Development
01/10/2011 Airline new benchmarking carbon scheme
20/09/2011 World Peace (One) Day 21st September 2011
20/09/2011 100 certificates & standards online
19/08/2011 GSTC Criteria 2011 are open now for public consultation
01/06/2011 UNWTO Knowledge Networking Seminar hosts Ulysses Prize Ceremony
30/05/2011 EuroEco Online Forum 2012 - Starting the Planning Now ...
20/05/2011 Tailoring e.tourism for Silk Road destinations
19/05/2011 GSTC Standards Recognition Program Underway - Fee waived if submitted before June 30th
11/05/2011 DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATIONS: European "Sustainable and responsible tourism as a contributor to quality of life" Conference!
04/04/2011 Study Confirms Benefits of Ecotourism in Biodiversity Rich, Economically Poor Region of Costa Rica
29/03/2011 Trailblazers Talk about Sustainable Tourism
15/03/2011 VESTAS to VISTAS: Unqualified success at ITB
01/03/2011 ITB Berlin - setting the pace for CSR in tourism
10/02/2011 See the 95 VESTAS nominations!
19/01/2011 VESTAS get over 21 European partners with 2 weeks still to go
11/01/2011 CSR conference 13-14 January 2011 at the international travel and leisure in Vienna
22/12/2010 VESTAS: Pan Parks nominates accomodations, attractions and packages
22/12/2010 VESTAS: Legambiente Turismo nominates tourism businesses in Italy
21/12/2010 VESTAS Countdown to ITB awards unveiled
05/12/2010 The European Environment – State and Outlook 2010
18/11/2010 European Tourism Forum in Malta with Vice President Antonio Tajani
17/11/2010 VESTAS: ECOCAMPING nominates campsites from Germany and Italy
13/11/2010 VESTAS: Austrian Ecolabel nominates best practices !
29/10/2010 World's First Fair Trade Travel Packages to be sold in Switzerland!
28/10/2010 First Seminar on the Conservation of the Iberian Lynx
27/10/2010 Canada Committed to Sustainable EduTourism
06/10/2010 Register now for the 2nd "Planet, People, Peace" conference 1-3 november 2010 in Costa Rica
29/09/2010 Global Sustainable Tourism Council launches its new website!
15/08/2010 Register now for the European Eco-Tourism Conference 2010!
07/07/2010 Vision on Sustainable Tourism Awards (VESTAs) Nominations Opened!
05/07/2010 Tourism: keeping Europe the world's top destination
23/06/2010 The Region tourism initiative
20/06/2010 "Networking for Sustainable Tourism": preliminary program available now
11/06/2010 EU bathing water quality remains high
02/06/2010 LINKING TOURISM & CONSERVATION Seminar at UNEP/GRID-Arendal, Norway June 4-5, 2010
02/06/2010 BISE and baseline: new tools to combat biodiversity loss in Europe
09/03/2010 Interview: Amos Bien – The Myth of Sustainable Tourism?
26/02/2010 World Ecological Forum
09/02/2010 CALL FOR PAPERS: BEST EN Think Tank X: Networking for Sustainable Tourism June 27 – 30, 2010, MODUL University Vienna, Austria
01/12/2009 The Long Run is launched.
08/11/2009 Nominations Open for Indigenous Tourism and Biodiversity Website Award
05/11/2009 Tourism 2023 – creating a sustainable tourism industry
30/10/2009 GSTC & STSC = TSC !
06/10/2009 A Three-Year Journey for Sustainable Tourism (Report)
06/10/2009 Study on the Competitiveness of the EU tourism industry
24/07/2009 Kick the Habit: A UN Guide to Climate Neutrality
15/07/2009 ECOTROPHEA 2009: Enter now !
06/07/2009 Symposium: TOURISM & TRAVEL IN THE GREEN ECONOMY, 14-15 Sep 09 in Gothenburg
06/06/2009 Living with Climate change
03/06/2009 Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference 2009
11/05/2009 Green Week 2009
03/04/2009 Ecotourism Spotlight Award Rewards Government Websites
15/03/2009 ITB 2009: Quality label "CSR Tourism certified" for tour operators launched
03/03/2009 New Internet Guide Helps Travelers Go Green
13/02/2009 Reisepavillon 2009: International round-tables on Sustainable Tourism initiatives, certification and biodiversity on Friday, 27 February 2009 in Munich
07/01/2009 Policy makers must address transport demand in Europe
29/10/2008 Rainforest Alliance: Certified Tourism Matters - News October 2008
15/10/2008 Are you an eco traveller?
10/10/2008 New report from Forum for the Future outlines survival strategies for the tourism industry
06/10/2008 Ted Turner Announces First-Ever Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria at World Conservation Congress
19/09/2008 UNWTO & UNEP Report on "Climate Change and Tourism - Responding to Global Challenges"
09/09/2008 Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria: to be launched on OCT 6, 2008 at the WCC !
08/09/2008 Pielachtal publishes first Sustainability Report of an Austrian destination (German)
20/08/2008 German Travel Association DRV: Apply now for the ECOTROPHEA !
13/08/2008 CREST TOOLKIT with Recommended Actions for Creating a Sustainable Tourism Destination
11/08/2008 The Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism: new for travel offers!
05/08/2008 Sustainable Travel: Heavyweights Launch Bid to Globalise Sustainable Tourism Certification
04/08/2008 Natura 2000 newsletter: business & biodiversity!
31/07/2008 Destination clean bathing waters
13/06/2008 3rd July in Brussels: "Set the right climate for your holidays!"
30/05/2008 European Green Capital Award: Call for entries!
18/05/2008 Environment: Commission issues stern warnings to Portugal and Spain over nature protection shortcomings
05/05/2008 05-07 June 2008: Conference on "Mediterranean Ecotourism" in Sicily!
01/03/2008 Agenda for a sustainable and competitive European tourism : All 22 linguistic versions online now!
15/02/2008 ITB 2008: conference on "Sustainable tourism: the responsibility of medium sized businesses"
08/01/2008 “Train to Ecolabel” - the training platform for the EU Ecolabel for tourist accommodation and camp sites!
17/12/2007 Reisepavillon - the international fair for alternative travel 18-20 January 2008 in Stuttgart !
27/11/2007 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2008: call for entries until 5th December !
24/11/2007 Sustainable consumption and production in South East Europe and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia - Joint UNEP-EEA report on the opportunities and lessons learned
15/11/2007 International trade and sustainable tourism in Chile: Preliminary assessment of the sustainability of tourism in Chile in the context of current trade liberalization
23/10/2007 European "Agenda for a sustainable and competitive European tourism" !
22/10/2007 International Seminar on Integrated Sustainability Assessment and Reporting
21/10/2007 The 6th European Tourism Forum!
16/10/2007 Sustainable consumption and production — key challenge for post-Soviet, post-Yugoslav countries
24/09/2007 Climate Change & Tourism - see the programme !
21/09/2007 Join the Euromeeting 2007 for Sustainable Tourism !
12/09/2007 Sustainable Energy Europe Awards Competition: Apply Now!
27/08/2007 Moving up! DestiNet goes dot EU.
17/08/2007 Ecotourism Spotlight Award Highlights Government Portals
10/08/2007 Release of Certification Handbooks
28/06/2007 Free download: presentations at "1st International Congress on Sustainable Management in Hotels" on May 10 and 11, 2007 in El Rompido, Spain
31/05/2007 Announcement: Ecotourism Spotlight Award 2007 !
10/05/2007 9th Annual Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development, May 21-24 2007, Grand Cayman
10/05/2007 "Innovation in Tourism - how to create a Tourism Learning Area"
19/04/2007 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2007 - includes quality of Environmental regulation !
19/04/2007 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2007 - includes quality of Environmental regulation !
18/04/2007 Sustainability Check for tourism projects in Europe
17/04/2007 European destinations awarded for their sustainability performance
12/04/2007 10-11 May: How hotels can make Sustainability profitable ?
21/03/2007 travel with the "plus" awarded!
20/03/2007 First environmental benchmarks for hotels and camping sites in Europe!
16/03/2007 Global Ecotourism Conference 14-16th of May 2007 in Oslo
08/03/2007 Tourism and MDG 3
28/02/2007 Tourism Trends for Europe: including consequences of climate change !
26/02/2007 Google agreement with Spot Image
22/02/2007 Report of the EC Tourism Sustainability Group launched !
21/12/2006 CALL for the European "Royal Destination Award for Sustainable Tourism 2007"
14/11/2006 European accommodation businesses awarded for their sustainability performance.
23/10/2006 Fair unterwegs
22/09/2006 TourBench - the European Monitor and Benchmarking tool for accommodation services in Europe
28/07/2006 Eco-Hostelling Module
18/07/2006 Hostel 2000
19/06/2006 2006 Skål International Ecotourism Awards
19/06/2006 On line training course on remote sensing
07/06/2006 The Royal Accommodation Award 2006 - APPLY UNTIL 15 JULY !
19/05/2006 HOMES OVERSEAS Gold Sustainability Award 2006 goes to AlmaVerde in Southern Portugal
01/03/2006 Exploring the Nature of Management - The Third International Conference
31/01/2006 Eco Travel Winners awarded in Vienna
25/01/2006 ICTE 2006
01/12/2005 Reisepavillon 2006
01/12/2005 European Tourism Forum Malta 19-21 Oct 05: results
14/10/2005 Desti-Nations: World Tourism Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development
21/09/2005 EU European Tourism Forum 2005
08/09/2005 CAMP GROUND - International trade fair for camping industry
06/09/2005 Tourismus und Architektur
06/09/2005 Touristische Wissensnetzwerke
08/08/2005 74 th National Agricultural and Food Industrial Exhibition ( OMÉK )
02/08/2005 European contest "Ecologically sound Travel in Europe"
25/07/2005 2nd European Congress on Rural Tourism
04/06/2005 Jura: Landscape of the Year
06/04/2005 1st Sport Tourism Forum - Cyprus
01/04/2005 TourBench - the new European monitoring and benchmarking tool for tourist accommodations is now available online and for free !
17/03/2005 NETS AWARD 2005 - 9 winners and special prizes !
14/03/2005 Recent Developments in Tourism Research Conference, Faculty of Economics, University of Algarve
10/03/2005 tourism network with events calendar
21/12/2004 Reisepavillion - International Fair for Alternative Travel, 4-6th February 2005
09/12/2004 100 Tourism Investment Opportunities in the Pacific!
01/11/2004 PROFIT in the Pacific - Tourism Investment Conference & Partnership Meeting in Fiji, 1 - 4 February 2005
21/09/2004 Seminar on the Restructuring of Tourism Destinations and Enterprise Dynamics, OECD & Ministerio do Turismo, Lisbon, Portugal, 28 - 29 October 2004
21/09/2004 Public Private Partnerships for Sustainability Certification of Tourism Activities, WTO, Czech Republic, 17-20 October 2004
16/09/2004 European Tourism Forum, Budapest, 14-16 October 2004
18/07/2004 International Conference on Tourism Development
29/06/2004 EUTO, 2004 Annual Convention "OUR FUTURE IS NOW": Sustainable Tourism Destination Management, August 29th - September 5th , Iceland
15/06/2004 4th Annual Business Enterprises for Sustainable Travel (BEST) Think Tank Meeting, Esbjerg, Denmark, 30/6 - 4/7
07/05/2004 54th AIEST-Kongress 2004 "The Future of SMEs in Tourism", 19th - 23rd September 2004, Petra (Jordan)
10/04/2004 WTO Commission for Africa: Seminar on Sustainable Tourism Development and Poverty Alleviation, Cotonou, Benin 19 - 21 May 2004
23/03/2004 Conference: "Borderless Frontiers; The Implications for Tourism in the New & Enlarged European Union", Nicosia, Cyprus, 10 - 11 December 2004
08/03/2004 EC Conference: "EU SUPPORT AVAILABLE FOR THE TOURISM SECTOR", 29th March 2004, at CHAR S3, Rue de la Loi 170, Brussels.
23/02/2004 Second Forum of the Sustainable Tourism - Eliminating Povery initiative, ITB, Berlin, 15th March 2004
10/02/2004 Workshop on the Contribution of Statistics and Economic Analysis to Effective Destination Management Strategies, Antibes-Juan les Pins, France - 19-20 February 2004
30/12/2003 International Conference "Sustainable Tourism 2004", 7 - 9 July 2004, Segovia, Spain
02/12/2003 International Conference: "The Challenge of Sustainable Tourism in Mass Tourist Destinations", 13 December 2003, Rimini, Italy
21/11/2003 EU Commission communication on "Basic Orientations for the Sustainability of European Tourism" adopted
06/11/2003 GREEN GLOBE 21 Sustainable Tourism Conference, Kaikoura, New Zealand, 3-5 March, 2004
04/11/2003 Tourism Summits, Managing change: public-private sector partnerships, a key factor in the success of sustainable development in tourism, Chamonix (FR) 3-5/12 2003
24/10/2003 General Assembly gives green light for WTO to become a UN Specialized Agency
13/10/2003 7th International Forum on Tourism Statistics 9-11 June 2004 Stockholm
13/10/2003 European Tourism Forum, 28-29/11
29/09/2003 International Dialogue "Tourism, Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development"
08/09/2003 TOURCOM, Madrid, Spain. 29 - 30 January 2004.
08/09/2003 WTO seminar: Cultural Tourism in Balkan Countries, Corfu, Greece. 19 - 20 September 2003
08/07/2003 Announcement: Seminar on Best Practice in Destination Management for a Sustainable Tourism Development. Suomenlinna, Finland from 5th to 6th September 2003.
03/07/2003 Tourism: Europe's environment: the third assessment - Chapter 2.7
18/06/2003 "Basic Orientations for the Sustainability of European Tourism" - Give the Commission your comments
17/06/2003 Nyhet: GRIP kompetansebibliotek om reiseliv og miljø
24/04/2003 Award ceremony for Sustainable Tourism in Calvia
31/03/2003 1st International Conference on Climate Change and Tourism, convened by WTO, Djerba, 9-11 April 2003
10/03/2003 52nd PATA Conference - "Culture and Tourism: From Heritage to Legacy", Bali, April 13-17, 2003
19/02/2003 International Congress 'Preservation of Industrial Heritage and Rehabilitation of Old Industrial Centres', Moscow, July 10-14 2003
19/02/2003 Global Travel & Tourism Summit, Vilamoura, Portugal 14-17 May 2003
28/01/2003 The International Tourism Exchange Berlin (ITB) - trade fair and tourism congress - running from March 7 - 11 2003.
11/12/2002 13th Reisepavillon - THE Marketplace for Alternative Travel - Hannover, Germany, 31 January - 2 February 2003. (Image is the Wik Thor viking ship).
02/12/2002 ENTER 2003, Conference for the IT and Travel & Tourism Industries, Helsinki, Finland; 29th - 31st January 2003.
02/12/2002 Second ATLAS Africa Conference, Community Tourism Options for the Future, Arusha, Tanzania; 20-22th February 2003.
06/11/2002 The WORLD TRAVEL MARKET 2002 - WTM 2002 - opens on Monday, 11th - 14th November at London's ExCel Centre.
06/11/2002 International conference on "Sustainable tourism in rural areas - problems and solutions", January 24th 2003 in Riga, Latvia.
25/10/2002 European Regions: Tourism and Sustainable Development from Global to Local, Fiorenze, 25 November 2002
25/10/2002 Natura 2000 Seminar, European Parliament, Brussels - 12th December 2002
25/10/2002 Johannesburg+Europe - The Kolding Conference, Denmark - European Programme: 3-5 November. Danish Day: 6 November.
15/10/2002 NGOs in Tourism and Conservation, Planeta.Com Online Conference, October - November 2002
10/10/2002 Expert meeting: Projects on Sustainable Tourism in the Baltic Sea Region and Neighbouring Areas
24/09/2002 European Tourism Forum 2002
24/09/2002 International Year of Ecotourism - Final Output
23/08/2002 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI): Indicators for Tour Operators
16/09/2015 World Responsible Tourism Award 2014
12/10/2014 Invitation to contribute a chapter in a new book

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