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Hi there! I'm Zofia Wojciechowska and I'm certified hortiterapistSince 2013 I've had my own company providing services in the field of health tourismoccupational therapy by the contact with plants - horticotherapy. I've always dreamed of becoming strong in order to help others. This is also what I want to teach You. I was born in Mrągowo and it is my wonderful place on Earth. Here, I live and work. For years I've shared my passion which is contact with flowers, plants, nature. Hortiterapy – this foreign word means treating with the beauty of flowers. I will teach you how to reap the power from the friendship with plants. I care about the nature. I have a spot in my garden where I disappear to read books. I have an interesting library and a nosy, adopted cat. For sure, You'll meet Malwa felinoterapist. We invite you to our green world which is filled with specially selected plants.

Breath and relax, nature... what can you expect in our place? Beautiful and quiet areas filled with health plants. Peace and quiet. Sky and birds, a garden with a lot of colourful flowers and butterflies. Walking barefoot on grass and sensory paths. There is an old saying „Medicus curat, natura sanat” - a doctor treats, nature cures. Our Instutute of Health and Hortiterapy is a quiet place filled with plants, which bloom and open themselves for quests who want some recreation in the companion of some "greenleaf friends". Flowers need human, human needs flowers. This is why we invite you to take part in relaxing classes from gardenterapy, this is creating some plant compositions and decorative garden forms. Everybody can take with them a piece of our horti garden. We provide conditions for activity during every season. Treat our plants with attention and love, we care about their health as we treat our Green Friends, who can become even You :)

Mrągowo, in the past Ządźbork, Sensburg – is a city located on various post-glacier forms – valley but also on hills, from which you can have some beautiful views on neighbouring lakes. Well developed paths, both city and forest, support local history walks which lead to historic and natural atractions. Just behind the fence of our Institute of Health and Hortiterapy is a path which goes down, straight the the lake. There is a sandy beach surrounded by forest. A stream connecting the lakes rustles. In the neighbourhood there are about 100 lakes. The biggest is lake Czos on which you can sail on a boat, sailboat or kayaks. You can ride bikes on paths located on trail of a Mazurian writer - Ernst Wiechert. On the way numerous trees, birdsong. Even if you don't fancy a long expedition I recommend a walk on the banks of Czos Lake to the stream of love. Dear Guests, our garden is at your disposal, because we invite you, first and the foremost, to benefit from treatment contact with plants, which stimulates our senses.

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