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From DestiNet to Tourism2030
Since 2004 ECOTRANS has developed and administrated the DestiNet Portal for Sustainable & Responsible Tourism as a UN Partnership for Sustainable Development, registered 2015 as Partnership for SDGs and re-launched in 2017 as Tourism2030.

The Triangle Knowledge Alliance administrates the 10 topics knowledge base and the Triangle courses. Users are invited to register and to share their information through MyTourism2030. DestiNet Services help certification bodies and destinations to raise their visibility and market access.

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The platform: a chain with 7 links

1. ABOUT introduces to the mission, history and services of Tourism2030 as partnership for the SDGs

2. TOPICS introduce to the action fields according to UN and EU policies, linked to SDGs and providing  a COMPASS

3. WHO IS WHO is mapping and supports networking with helpful stakeholders and experts along the TOPICS

4. COURSES & RESOURCES are published for learning and supporting stakeholders in making tourism more sustainable

5. GOOD PRACTICE shows awards and examples for effective use of RESOURCES and implementation of the GSTC criteria

6. CERTIFICATION QUICKFINDER gives global transparency and access to environmental and sustainability „green proofs“

7. MARKET PLACE in partnership with certificates is mapping certified tourism worldwide and supports their market access