TRIANGLE is Europe's Next Generation Sustainable & Responsible Tourism Learning Delivery Network, focused on Europe’s destinations with protected areas. We are working together as an Erasmus-funded Knowledge Alliance to deliver graduate level, industry-facing tourism sustainability learning experiences to support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for tourism businesses, destination administrations, academics and students alike. This site introduces you to the range of our work and services on the Tourism2030 platform.

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  • A European-wide Sustainable Tourism Research and Monitoring Higher Education & Business Network consisting of 22 HEIs focused on Europe’s protected areas and green destinations.
  • A collaborative tourism sustainability knowledge base, designed as the Portal with a collaborative knowledge management system.
  • A Tourism Sustainable Development Open Educational Resource Kit, including Sustainable Development of Tourism online courses, the global Green Mapping System, Certification Quickfinder and Best Practice Browser.
  • A Europe-wide student intern placement system offering in-situ and online certification & auditor skills training.

These achievements can be used as Going Green toolkit for SMEs and Destinations.

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