New Tourism2030 Users - Welcome!

... to the structured induction to this Portal for tourism professionals who wish to access and share quality information on the development of sustainable & responsible travel & tourism, and also collaborate with others to do so.  Tourism 2030 has so many possibiliites for professional use that its worth spending time not just learning what's in the Portal, but learning how to use its' document storage and sharing features, its certifcation knowledge base, who's who, the green mapping service, Atlas of Excellence, etc ...

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Therefore ....

the objective of this guidance is to  develop and then test the users’ competence  in:
a) accessing information (level I)
b) uploading information (level II)
c) using the Content Management System (CMS) for folder design and management (level III)

Once you pass your level 3 test, you will receive a TOURISM 2030 Driver's Licence to show that you are a skilled user of the Portal. 

Please note: the total time for taking the Drivers Test levels I to III is 11- 12 hours.


Start learning!

You can start learning about this Portal and how to use it as a knowledge base and networking system now by following the steps below: 

Level I - Accessing Information 

Level II - Uploading Information

Level III – Using the CMS for Folder Management & Creating your own Tourism 2030 Office Space