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DestiNet Training, Education and Development Services...

... help you in making your tourism more sustainable and visible.

They include free services - like the global Knowledge Base - as well as fee based services - such as the Global green market place listing and Green Travel Maps.

A free service for all
Choose your topic of interest, find contacts, tools, publications and good practice examples, submit and share your own information! 
A service for certificates
Place your certified offer in the DestiNet Atlas, where users can zoom to their destination or topic of interest, can go to the Market Place section to choose any type of travel & tourism service - e.g. accommodation providers -, can select a business or destination, and can see on the short description the logo & link to the profile description of their "green proof". > Basic and Premium Services 
A service for destinations
Order your map and use it for managing, marketing and monitoring your green tourism offer.

17 goals - 169 targets - 15 years

The DestiNet platform initially has been design to support the "12 aims for an agenda for sustainable tourism" as described in "Making tourism more sustainable - A guide forpolicy makers", UNEP/ UNWTO, 2005. Being a registered partnership for the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 since 2015 DestiNet aims to contribute above all to the SDG nr 12 on "Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns".

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