Folder Membership


Why to be an ECOTRANS member?

Membership and Dissemination support 

ECOTRANS has full members and associate members. All members can propose new members. Full members are paying a membership fee and have a vote at the annual ECOTRANS meetings . The members are presented on the Ecotrans website on DestiNet. They shall link their website with and have the right to use the Ecotrans membership logo.

Members can add own contacts to a growing common list of organisations working for sustainable tourism development and can use ECOTRANS mailing services, promote own events, tools or publications on the DestiNet portal and be promoted with own services on the DestiNet Market Place

Exchange & Networking

Exchange and networking with other members is facilitated in the ECOTRANS online members forum . There the members can post and find their detailed profiles, research results, presentations on events, not (yet) published papers. According to their own competences and needs they can propose, lead or participate in topic related work groups and discussion forums, use online survey and rating tools.

Collaboration and project opportunities

The collaboration between members is fostered through common projects and initiatives, development of policy papers and events. New funding opportunities are posted, and members are invited to express their interest, to use the ECOTRANS membership and the headquarters competences and experiences for finding appropriate partners. Were appropriate members are invited to participate in ECOTRANS projects, e.g. FAST-LAIN.

DestiNet Services

Members can get the privilege to become DestiNet folder administrator for their own country or topic / sub topic of interest , get free online training, get discount and the privilege to sell special DestiNet Services (e.g. DestiNet Market Place)

Membership Fee

The membership fee for full members is 250 € p.a., for associate members 100 €p.a. Mutual membership with other European/international organizations is possible. The fee is used for managing the membership, the ECOTRANS website and the members forum, while the cost for ECOTRANS projects are covered by financial contributions from public authorities (e.g. European Commission), private donations and fees for DestiNet Services.

ECOTRANS members list