Folder Tourism2030 - Icons & Tips for folder design

Introduction Box

The box shall contain

a. a short text (12 point font) with mx. 100 characters including blank spaces, and

b. a picture (preferably size 6:9), to be uploaded through the "Folder administration" on the top of the right bar as as "Folder logo". 

Folder logo

To design the "Introduction Box" and the "Description Box" following icons, colours and sizes shall be used:


normal text size = 12

headings =  Format 2 or 3 


Icons can be choosen, saved on the own computer, from there uploaded. See the photo folders for icons in:  



Background Colour

Tables can be given a background colour. For the Tourism2030 "blue" colour the code = 0071BC


Tip: Create a "Table" and enter there in column 1 pictures, logos and /or "cards" (option under "formats"), in column 2 text.