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the end of 2022 is fast approaching and ECOTRANS would like to once again send you our Xmas card message to highlight where we are on the road to sustainability. We thank you for using the site and look forward to working together to boost the sustainable travel and  tourism market place for everyone's benefit.

A happy Xmas and a peaceful new year!


(Original text in German)

Was keiner wagt

Was keiner wagt, das sollt ihr wagen,

Was keiner sagt, das sagt heraus,

Was keiner denkt, das wagt zu denken,

Was keiner anfängt, das führt aus.


Wenn keiner ja sagt, sollt ihr's sagen,

Wenn keiner nein sagt, sagt doch nein,

Wenn alle zweifeln, wagt zu glauben,

Wenn alle mittun, steht allein.


Wo alle loben, habt Bedenken,

Wo alle spotten, spottet nicht,

Wo alle geizen, wagt zu schenken,

Wo alles dunkel ist, macht Licht.


Lothar Zenetti (1926 - 2019)


(English translation)

What No One Dares

What no one dares, do take the risk,

when no one speaks, do raise your voice,

what no one ponders, think it over,

what no one starts, make it your choice.


If no one assents, you should agree,

if no one disagrees, say no,

when people doubt, dare to believe,

when they all join, then stand alone.


Where they all praise, do have concerns,

and when they mock, you mustn't mock,

where all are stingy, dare to give,

and light a light, where all is dark.




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