News VESTAS get over 21 European partners with 2 weeks still to go

European Sustainable Tourism Award set to be a big success at ITB 2011

With closing date not til 31 January, already 21 European certifying agencies have nominated sustainable tourism initiatives to collect the VESTA award.

The award will consolidate and highlight the enormous drive towards sustainable tourism in Europe.

There are over 50 sustainable tourism certifying agencies in Europe and the award is partnering with as many of these agencies as possible so that they may showcase their chosen awardees.

The closing date for nominations and partnerships is 31 January and already  21 agencies have made over 80 individual nominations (partner agencies include VisitScotland, GreenGlobe Europe, Ecocamping, Austrian Ministry of Environment and Innovation Norway).

ALL the nominees will get massive exposure in a specific brochure and…

  • At the Responsible Tourism Networking event at ITB in front of 200+ Responsible Tourism operators
  • Through the networks of the 21+ partner agencies
  • Throughout the ITB
  • In Vision on Sustainable Tourism with its 40,000 trade subscribers
  • In with 450,000 global trade subscribers
  • In the award organisers
  • In press releases
  • In the tweets and blogs and retweets
  • On the VESTA website after the ITB event

The nominations will classify themselves according to the Global Sustainable Criteria of

  • effective sustainability planning
  • maximizing social and economic benefits for the local community
  • enhancing cultural heritage
  • reducing negative impacts to the environment.

The judging will take place between 31 January and end February.

All of the nominations will be featured at the ITB and 8 global thought leaders will showcase the best case studies according to the Destinet Observatory 8 topics:

  • Natural & cultural heritage
  • Sustainable transport & travel
  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • Sustainable consumption production and tourism
  • Quality assessment certification and marketing
  • Knowledge networking, training and education
  • Destination management and good governance
  • Climate change energy and resource efficiency

For further information see VESTAS at DESTINET

Valere Tjolle

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