News An End-of-Days Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Reality Check in the Light of Nation-State Upheaval 2022

Gordon Sillence - in opening a series of articles and podcasts on the Stockholm +50 and the 2030 Agenda - reflects in this on the overarching theme of sustainable development at this quintessential crisis point, when pestilence is replaced by war and famine, no-body is booking a holiday to the Ukraine, and Thanos comes down to Earth in the mind warping war of information control of our real reality …


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Release Date:  8th May 2022


The Last Great War of Nation States? LIVE

YouTubing the War, from BBC, CNN, DW …  24/7, and now I’m watching the excellent VICE report on the Ukraine evacuation in the face of Russian state violence.  Watch it (1).  My mind slips into a self-question as I recall the use of media and the spread of coronavirus – watch it on the News and soon it will be in a cinema near you – Is this war the next pandemic, coming here soon, and will I be cowered in a basement with hostile missiles overhead, my world reduced to bullet-studded rubble with my bloodied family in the middle?

This is the Last Great War of Nations States about to break out by stupidity and accident if not by corrupt design… God help us all – if that god exists in this age of Armageddon, where suffering bleeds in every corner of humanity, and greed, ignorance and desire rule the majority mentality.  2022, the mid-point of the May katun of 20 years of transformation into the new 2012 Mayan Solar Age where a thousand years of peace awaits us in a caring and compassionate global civilization …if we can rise about the selfish patriarchal cult of individualist hierarchy and create a truly egalitarian local to global communitarian caring future for humankind as the guardians of paradise earth.

Image of Mariopol, then Syria, empty streets hidden in billowing smoke and concrete twisted blackened shattered high-rise dystopian urban apartment block skylines, our best weapons now on display, with only one Onceler band of winners – the arms dealing kleptocracy now cruelly at the helm of nation-state governance, finance capital and the repressive state apparatus in this end-of-days scenario playing out before us. 

Orwellian Hell 2022 Style

An Autocrat, a patriarch in every sense of the word, despotically wields the state apparatus, using coercive and repressive state institutions of military and police forces to launch his last campaign for his place in great dictator history, next to Stalin and Attila himself. Simultaneously, their Pavlovian ideological state media government counterpart clinically warps the cerebral  reality of its citizens to accept his selfish, ignorant and greedy desires as’ defence of the Mother Russialand’ and their State Russian freedom to work as pawns in his powerplay. The chess match rhetorical excuse of NATO expansion sits comfortably with the nation-state self-identification of well-schooled komrads in a sea of corruption and fear, all bowed to single dictator and his tyrannical institutes of oppression.

History has been full of despots, but none with a nuclear arsenal so unimaginably destructive. I wait for May 9th , chosen by history as the Turning Point of this katun, when the world will know the latest escalation on this path of Majority Madness, where we as good citizens of a moral and just belief have let a global kleptocracy steal our democracy and our power to be free individuals living in community harmony. We let it happen in as much as all those good people in history who shall be remembered for the selfless actions of all those who have opposed totalitarian hierarchy, patriarchal violence and the tyranny of lies and deception, the great and good have historically failed as the voice of sanity, suffered consequently, tortured, terrified, silenced or  seduced by the manipulation of the minority, the now all-powerful government and corporate Pharaohs of greed and destruction.

The Archaic Century of War

After four centuries of capitalist empire rising to the global resource stage, the Century of War started in the 1900’s and continues to this day, its epic highpoints of mass death in the 1914-18 and 1939-45 heralding the nuclear age and ushering in the military-industrial monopoly of atomic  power that Marshally planned us to a Bretton Woods Nation-state mass production and consumption inter- national model of elitist enslavement of the global population through military suppression and industrial economics. And now the theatre of war has escalated to the centre stage of Europe as the decimation of labour value and workers savings under the death throes of finance capital heralds in the artificially unintelligent era of the 1% kleptocracy and their selfish vision of their own sustainability in a sea of un-free market uncertainty, poverty and despair.

Gaming the Here and Now of Today 20 years ago

As one of those both old and fortunate enough to have gamed this current situation at the UN level in the GEO-4 Global Scenario Planning at the turn of the Millennium, we were given a glimpse of this Brave New International Economic World Order and a promise of a 21st Century Agenda for sustainable development, all suspiciously shaped by shady government and corporate multi-lateral, multi-national green-speak and time-washing as the nuclear countdown ran past the Millennium firework partying of the plutocracy, taking us down the rabbit-hole of fake news, hypocrisy and  oppression combined in generous macro- economic doses with the poisonous pleasure-drome of hi-tech internet distraction of the common people, to the point where 13,500 nuclear warheads are poised and ready to blow us all into a nuclear hell on earth, seemingly nothing left in common between neighbouring  nationals.

The post-Millennium Global Game postulated 4 scenarios – business as usual; business first; security first; and sustainability first.  We now see the business first v security first fusion of corporate and state interests, splitting the global enterprise into archaic national geographic divisions of the continents at war, giving us the eternal external enemy that we need to build our parasitical military, forever haemorrhaging the resources for egalitarian sustainable and responsible development for the purpose of mass destruction, not the protection of peace, people and property that gives genuine personal security.

The Great Leaders Vision for us: Profit First- Secure the People in a Sci-Fi-styled Lockdown

That this business & security-first hybrid SkyNet terminator scenario came to pass should surprise no-one, as arms manufacturers, energy barons, information moguls, corrupt politicians and persuasive celebrities sold everyone the American Dream. Now we are paying for that Trumpeted Putinised XI Zing ping-pong wargame vision of (in)humanity, paying heavily in unhappiness, debt, inflation, conflict and misery of the enslaved urban masses and their starving rural counterparts, the very last of those we so left behind in this 50 year post-Stockholm development cycle.

 If we are not to be taken for complete fools however, we should associate the repressive lockdown capabilities each nation-state has now acquired in the health pandemic with the future of any resistance to the national war efforts that will now engulf the planet. But now you won’t need to be shot, just locked down, disconnected and stupefied by the legal, ideological, religious and educational state apparatus and their pay-rolled executioners.


The Need to Decommission all Nuclear Arsenals

Weapons of Mass Destruction have no place in sustainability. If we survive short-term stupidity and succeed in bringing the Evil Empire to a global reckoning alongside crimes of Russian state genocide, we need to focus and resource those existing campaigns to decommission the global stockpile of nuclear munitions – we know how many there are, where they are and how to defuse them. This would then never allow a single person the means to threaten all of life itself. To bring the nation state military-industrial complex back from the brink of total global annihilation is a primary goal of sustainable development in the 2030 Agenda. The $1.7 trillion estimated expenditure on renewing the nuclear threat still pinned to be spent on ridiculously expensive hi tech arsenals that have already drained the world’s resources in the arms race to Armageddon those funds can go into the recovery and resilience plans for our global prosperity and peace, first to feed those in greatest need and then restore our biodiverse and climate resilient planet to its Garden of Eden state of plenty, all by 2030, not too late in 2050.

Living and Working for a Solution – Our Personal Contribution

 I have personally spent 3 decades working on our human agenda for the 21st century as a global citizen not bound by nation but privileged by Empire, and I will not allow all the clever people in government, business and media to subvert the original principles of Agenda 21 first stated in Rio in ’92, a text that gives a path for compassionate civilization to emerge in the 21st century instead of the dystopian barbarian future we fear as knowing citizens in charge of a  mother earth being savaged by our rapacious business and government activities. 

We know that since Agenda 21 was formulated there has been a global elitist conspiracy to subvert its implementation, and this to be recognised in the Stockholm +50 process.  We must out these people – these politicians, business executives, dynastic families, investment bankers, war mongering generals and Onceler entrepreneurs making money out of death and destruction. All clever people, all able to twist the truth and turn honest words into weapons against those who only have the pen to fight the sword. So unfair has been this fight, yet still Civil Society is here and we demand our right to inherit the earth. Should we be freed to find our self-determination within the laws of human community and natural sustainability, we can make this a peaceful and prosperous planet for 10 billion by 2050, not a barbarian dystopia of three and half billion living in the wastelands of Elysium.

Just a Normal Day Today?

And then, you and I - what to do if you know the end is coming and it’s still Sunday mourning? A new age is dawning, but it won’t look so bright if you are alone, impoverished and ill-informed. Have we been given the fake fairy tale Hollywood future, wrapped in Marvel’s Sci-Fi End Game, along with Pavlov’s dogs accustomed to Armageddon, now Covid sheep to the Apocalyptic slaughter of war, famine, pestilence and fire?

Resilience and sustainability, whether personal or societal, are built on knowledge and cooperation.  Education, conflict resolution, striving for equality, creatively and collaboratively resolving the challenges facing humanity and enjoying our diversity in community… we have to usher in a new age of peace and security of well-being for all, truly leaving no one of us behind.

 That was the rhetorical mission of the Nations United by Security Council violence as we entered the third Millennium, and now we need civil society to ensure business and government work for the Goals we have set in our Agenda for the 21st Century.

The Need for UN Reformation if the Face of Decimation

Institutionally, we need to ensure the transformation of the UN to ensure a Civil Society One World Government of the Global Commons in the interests of the Majority World, dealing immediately with resource the poorest I billion of us, freeing political prisoners en masse, de-funding the military and refunding community-led development of adaptation and mitigation measure to the existential threats of inequality climate change and habitat destruction. Local work on a global scale, digitally democratic, good governance to oversee the law of sustainable development, a global vision of international cooperation uniting peoples of all diversity, with free movement of labour to match ethical investment of capital – an end to a UN of failed resolutions and weak guidance to a truly international government of the regions in a re-structured digitally pro-active sustainable development agenda that nations fund for our common survival, and governments support for the benefit of all citizens of the world.

Reflecting on the worst of human atrocity, perhaps we find guidance in the path of compassionate wisdom as the essence of meaningful living, the essence of societal being, not bound by nation state but bound together in humanity, treasuring our short and glorious moments on paradise Earth, working in community – in one million communities in a global community giving true peace and security on a planet of plenty. 

Follow Up

Three videos to inform you of the nuclear weapons issue and how to deal with it if we survive this latest escalation.

Should you be in the travel and tourism sector and wish to contribute to the development of peace through tourism sustainability, please contact me to work for a peace-based tourism sector as the main vector for sustainable development in general.

Secondly, clearly, if we surpass this phase of the theatre of war on Ukraine territory, Ukrainians will need to re-build their tourism infrastructure and offer, and we offer  our the Tourism 2030 platform to serve this purpose when the time is right.

Gordon Sillence is the Olympic Truce Peace Ambassadors Campaign Coordinator, Vice President Ecotrans European Network for Tourism Sustainability. ICT Director of Tourism 2030, Sustainable Development Consultant to the UN Environment Programme, a former EU Commission Staff member for DG Enterprise (DG Growth), and Director of the Janela Aberta 21 Education Centre for Sustainable Development in the Algarve Southern Portugal.



Gordon Sillence May 2022




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