News From Impact to Scale - the SEED 20 Year Flagship Report

Setting the Stage for a Future Eco-Inclusive SME Action Agenda

In honour of SEED’s 20th anniversary, this report aims to assess 2 decades of SEED’s work and takestock of what has been accomplished. Within 20 years, SEED has supported 2000 enterprises in 41 countries across 3 continents. These enterprises are the champions of the green transition. Working on the ground, they target the most severe impacts of climate change across 6 key sectors: biodiversity, green technologies, clean energy, sustainable agriculture, waste management and water, sanitation and health.

Even though a lot of progress has been made, many challenges remain. After 20 years, SEED has identified 20 lessons in the five action areas of Innovation, Non-Financial Support, Finance, Policy and Market. These lessons have been a key element of SEED’s work and will be crucial to shape the future SME action agenda for the next 20 years.


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Keywords Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Target group(s) Businesses , Education, Research, Consultancy , NGOs, Partnerships, Networks , Governments & Administrations
Topics Climate Change - Energy and Resource Efficiency , Cultural Heritage, Life Styles & Diversity , Good Governance & CSR , Human Rights & Labour Rights , Natural Heritage & Biodiversity , Value Chain Management & Fair Trade