News CoP 26 - Tourism as a Driver for Climate Neutrality

With the CoP 26 global climate change conference taking place in Glasgow this week, the future of tourism now clearly shows we must both prevent catastrophic climate changes and  prepare for extreme weather wherever we are. The European Tourism Going Green 2030 project (ETGG 2030) is helping small businesses do just that, and will be showcased in Glasgow on12th November on a world stage so that all tourism stakeholders can see how to contribute to being part of the solution and not just part of the problem.   (Please attend the live session on 12th November 11.30 -12.30 UK time at

The ETGG 2030 project is funded by the COSME programme of the EU to give up to 10,000 Euros to SMEs to transform their businesses by undertaking special training on how to be more responsible and sustainable, using tourism sustainability  certification to show their efforts are not just greenwash. Piloting in 6 European countries, SMEs will be invited early next year to apply for a grant to enter the programme to receive expert help to go green. Successful candidates will then qualify to enter the worlds largest 3rd party assessed sustainable tourism global market place to boost their market access by being part of local to global sustainable consumption and production supply chains.

The tourism sector and its stakeholders have a lot at stake in the climate change debate, and need to be fully represented in the planning an management of mitigation and adaptation measures that governments will undertake to implement the Climate Change Convention.  ETGG 2030 is taking this message to Glasgow and plans to broadcast the CoP 26 outcomes to tourism stakeholders across Europe.  Destination administrations, small businesses, business support organisations and sustainability information providers are being urged to cluster their efforts to ensure we are all on a common path towards the Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals.

For further information please see  or contact your national ETGG 2030 representative.


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