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A 1% certified green market share is not enough for SDG12 ...

Arguing the case for using sustainable tourism as a vector for sustainable development, is 1% of green certified tourism worldwide enough to set up sustainable business supply chains for the 99% to follow in the next ten years, ie by the end of Agenda 2030. How the tourism sector adapts to and mitigates the employment, climate change and biodiversity crises under conditions of instability and insecurity is an ongoing issue needing immediate solutions. Even if professionals themselves are doubting the achievability of the SDGs, the thinking that we all need to act cooperatively, collaboratively and collectively to suceed in any of them is still highly relevent to the solution. Clustering gives SDG 17 a form and function and when the power of ICT is used then we can enter an information age where knowledge can flow freely for all to use creatively. 

... So let's use SDG 17 to implement all the SDGs by raising this to figure from 1% to a 100% in all protected areas by 2030. Nothing less will do. This is the way sustainable tourism acts a a vector for the overall sustaianble development our industry so desparately needs to thrive in the 21st century.




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Post-CoP 27 Collaborative Action Planning Debrief Discussion

Travel Green Planet Clustering Meeting
WED, 30th November 2022, 15:00 - 16:30 (CET)



3:00 - 3:10 Introduction and Orientation: Ecotrans - Dr Richard Denman

3:10 - 4:00 A Top 10 five minute presentations on global state of the art sustainability tools and programmes for tourism SMEs and destinations

Current list of confirmed speakers and their topics relevant to the clustering of sustainability information:

  1. Introducing the ETGG 2030 European and Global level tourism sustainability clustering process (Gordon Sillence - Ecotrans)
  2. Transforming Tourism Value Chains – Resource Efficiency Tool (Andrea Maria Bacher - UNEP)
  3. GSTC Sustainable Tourism Impact assessment tool (Randy Durband - GSTC)
  4. SUNx Code Red  – Sunx Climate-friendly Travel Programme  (Olly Wheatcroft - SUNx Video Presentation)
  5. Post Cop 27 European level actions for sustainable tourism (Dr Cinzia de Marzo - EU Climate Pact Ambassador, Mirabilia Network)
  6. Protected Area Implementation of Sustainability Certification (Lucia Prieto Fustes IUCN  MEET NETWORK)
  7. Good Travel Standard/Carbon Measurement Tools (Patrice Talaue - Green Destinations)
  8. Conclusion: Travel Green Planet Maps for Cluster Partners (Herbert Hamele - Ecotrans)

4.00 pm Open Discussion – Informal Q & A with attendant participation

4.25pm Summary and Next Steps – Dr Richard Denman

4.30pm End of Meeting

This event is part of the ETGG2030 clustering clustering approach for boosting sustainable tourism through certification

A global collaboration initiative


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