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A 1% certified green market share is not enough for SDG12

Arguing the case for using sustainable tourism as a vector for sustainable development, is 1% of green certified tourism worldwide enough to set up sustainable business supply chains for the 99% to follow in the next ten years, ie by the end of Agenda 2030 in order to minimize the employment, climate change and biodiversity crises? 

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Boosting the market share of certified sustainable tourism for SDG12 until 2030

The Travel Green Planet 2030 collaboration initiative was launched at ITB 2019 and presented at the GSTC conference 2019 on the Azores with the follow up clustering event at ITB 2020 held online on 4th March with contributions from UN-CBD, UNESCO, GSTC, WWF, GNF, SUNx, Green Destinations and ECOTRANS. In 2020 the aim is to form the Travel Green Planet 2030 cluster and start commonly sharing the Green Travel Maps for boosting sustainable tourism. 

The initiative aims to ensure all tourism activities in destinations with protected areas and cultural heritage sites are sustainably certified by 2030 as part of SDG12 (Sustainable Consumption and Production).

The SDG17 partnership will commonly use and share the Green Travel Maps on Tourism2030 for collaboration synergies and annual reporting in the next decade 2021 -2030. Thus sustainable tourism will become a driver for achieving the SDGs and use less energy, less water consumption, less food and plastic waste, less carbon emissions, provide better working conditions and generate more local income through environmental and sustainably certified tourism businesses, destinations and tour operators worldwide.




 Covid-19 Emergency Response - Forming the Travel Green Planet2030 collaboration cluster

The devastation to the global economy caused by the coronavirus has enormous implications for how we now pursue the Agenda 2030 SDGs. Travel and Tourism sectors have been particularly adversely affected and will need to be rebuilt, keeping in mind the need for long term as well as short term viability. Even though we are still in the emergency reaction phase, we are calling for all Tourism 2030 collaborators to join in a joint follow up action to address how to design urgent, priority and fundamental policies and implementation programmes for using sustainable tourism as the key vector for global sustainable development that brings a green, circular and peace-based economy into reality at this time of unprecedented challenge and opportunity.

More: ECOTRANS proposes a Covid-19 Emergency Plan

ECOTRANS Contribution to the (post) COVID-19 Sustainable Development of Tourism

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Introduction (GSTC, 2019)


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