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Established to precisely see how tourism, conservation, and community development can be harnessed, through this; Red Rocks Initiatives for Sustainable Development has further seen various programs being initiated towards harnessing the realization of Eco-tourism and conservation as a whole. 

The initiative majorly supports modern agricultural practices to boost food production in rural areas. A botanical garden has been established in Kinigi, near the Volcano National Park. This helps in conservation and research activities. The garden also facilitates the preservation of traditional plant species that have medicinal value. 

The initiative also partners with local artists to develop their talents, thereby initiating them as conservation partners.

Red Rocks Initiatives started an art gallery in Kinigi with the purpose of not only developing talents among the youth but also and help in spreading the conservation message. Red Rocks in partnership with local artists have been working to promote and develop tourism through art classes, which signifies artworks with the protection of the environment for future survival. Red rocks partners with local artists also to help in promoting tourism as a tool for sustainable development around the parks. Other programs include the Igihoho Support Cooperative and Youth empowerment and support projects. All these are innovative projects under Red Rocks Initiatives and they are developed for the benefit of the community and environment.



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