News The Long Run is launched.

The Long Run  - a practical approach to sustainability - has launched.

Founder, Jochen Zeitz CEO of PUMA was joined in London, Nairobi an Berlin with Usain Bolt and Colin Jackson, just 2 of his ambassadors and specialists who are committed to seeing this initiative grow. 

The Long Run aims to get people thinking, talking and acting for the long run, as if there is a tomorrow and not just for today. The Long Run is a philosophy, a way of life that we can all work towards. 

The vision is to see an ecosphere maintained in the healthiest possible state. Through maintaining that healthy balance of conservation, community, culture and commerce, a new model for sustainable development can thrive. 

Sustainable tourism is the primary focus and The Long Run has launched with 9 destinations that fulfill the rigorous certification to become Global Ecosphere Retreats, and offer the highest level of sustainability. This focus is to ensure that sustainable tourism and being a responsible traveller are at the forefront of both us as consumers and the industry's main agenda.

The Long Run aims to offer a portal of activity, a creative hub working together for all sustainable projects. Jochen's team of ambassadors and specialists work across the board as businessmen, sportsmen, musicians and activists. Their breadth of knowledge and expertise ensures that there is continual insightful contributions, research, and development to the mission.

Visit to explore how art and science are equally valued in sustainability projects, the latest news, how you can get involved and what steps are needed for to preserve our ecosystems for the future generations. 





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