News IUCN’s NbS (Nature-based Solutions) Standard - A Milestone in Sustainability Thinking

Attention policy makers, destination planners and administrators, tourism businesses, certification bodies, consultants & academics!

Sometimes a true milestone of understanding occurs that enables the professionals involved in that field to move forward with greater common clarity: the IUCN’s NbS (Nature-based Solutions) Standard released this May 2021 is just such a moment. Finally a territorial management system that puts the ecosystem and landscape as the fundamental framework of socio-economic, environmental and cultural sustainability has been collaboratively elaborated with sufficient clarity and usability.

How can the standard be related to tourism stakeholder activites, particularly for destination adaptation and mitigation processes?

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Source Gordon Sillence, ECOTRANS
Target group(s) Destinations , Education, Research, Consultancy , NGOs, Partnerships, Networks , Governments & Administrations
Topics Natural Heritage & Biodiversity