News Symposium: TOURISM & TRAVEL IN THE GREEN ECONOMY, 14-15 Sep 09 in Gothenburg

A Contribution to the Davos Declaration Process

on Climate Change and Tourism

in Preparation for the Copenhagen Agreement

Residenset-The Residence of the Mayor and Storan Conference Centre, Gothenburg


14 – 15 September 2009


Convened by: World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), European Travel Commission (ETC) and VisitSweden,each represented by their Executive Leaders.  




At the end of this year global leaders will meet in Copenhagen to decide on a replacement for the Kyoto protocol, within a new economic and environmental framework for doing business in a fast-changing international economy. The Gothenburg symposium has been convened as part of the Davos Declaration process to address the issue of how climate change is shaping sustainable consumption and production in the run-up to the Copenhagen Agreement, and what it means for the tourism sector.


The symposium aims to:

·         provide clear information on how the follow-up to the Kyoto Protocol will affect the tourism sector

·         show solutions to the problems imposed by climate change at the destination level and in the tourism supply chain

·         define the roles required by different stakeholders, especially with regard to NTOs

·         Assess how to integrate a climate change response strategy within the global new green deal 



The UNWTO will outline its position on climate change and the development of a green global tourism economy, and the ETC will unveil its own state-of-the-art climate change and sustainable tourism knowledge networking strategy for NTOs. Interactive discussion panels include:


·         Tourism Going Climate Neutral - what the tourism sector is doing to minimize environmental impacts - initiatives developed at the UN and EU levels and business stakeholders’ contributions from the transport and accommodation sectors.

·         The Travel Industry, Innovation and New Technologies - how innovation and new technologies can be used to achieve climate neutral actions in travelling.

·         Destinations: a Sustainable Approach - how tourism destinations are managing climate change - global perspective on moves to harmonize sustainable tourism criteria - a national level approach to implementing Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) policy for the tourism sector.

·         Towards a Green Economy - NTO Challenges and Opportunities - the scope and actions that an NTO can undertake in order to deal with climate change - a model of NTO sustainable tourism and climate change knowledge networking.


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