News The One Planet Network showcases its 2019 achievements

10th November 2020

“The COVID-19 pandemic has posed an unprecedented challenge to humankind, but can also be seen as a window of opportunity to explore new development models based on sustainable consumption and production (SCP). The vision of moving towards an integral sustainable development in a context of fair transition must be the cornerstone for all post COVID-19 recovery plans.” says Rodrigo Rodriguez Tornquist, the Chair of the 10YFP Board, in the "One Planet Network 2019 Annual Magazine".

The magazine showcases the achievements of the One Planet network, its six programmes and more than 700 partners throughout 2019. Based on the progress report submitted to the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in 2020, which analyses the Annual Reporting results and the results of the 12.1.1 national SCP policy reporting, this magazine also showcases more than 40 examples of SCP in practice from across the network.

As practice example of the "Sustainable Tourism Programme" the magazine presents the "Travel Green Europe App" for facilitating the application and use of knowledge and tools.  


The Travel Green Europe App is a mobile application that provides free access to the global Tourism2030 - Green Travel Maps of certified and awarded sustainable tourism services and destinations. Developed by ECOTRANS, a partner of the Sustainable Tourism Programme, in collaboration with the European TRIANGLE Knowledge Alliance and European ECO-ACT project, the app aims to enable tourists to travel responsibly while allowing certification programmes and destinations to map out and give visibility to their offer of sustainable tourism services. So far, 15,000 businesses and destinations with links to their green certificates are accessible through the App.


Download the One Planet Network 2019 Annual Magazine

Go to the Travel Green Europe App

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The One Planet Network is the network of the 10 Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production.

The One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme is a multi-stakeholder partnership that promotes knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to better implement sustainable consumption and production in the tourism sector.

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