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Many businesses and tour operators in the global tourism sector are committed to make their offer and services more sustainable, including the use of fair trade products. More than 170 labels on sustainable tourism are operating worldwide! The 11th International Fair Trade Towns Conference on 14-16th September in Saarbrücken will launch the 1st "Fair Trade & Green Travel Map" on the global platform "Tourism 2030 - DestiNet Services". 

The "Fair Trade and Sustainable Tourism" workshop on 15th September presents in one hand how such maps for monitoring and marketing can be realized through collaboration and through commonly using the Tourism 2030 – DestiNet Services designed for this: presentation of labels, the global map of eco-certified tourism businesses and destinations, examples for the promotion of the “green travel maps” to the tour operators and tourists. In the other hand it will be shown best practice examples from Saarbrücken, Quattropole and from producer countries in the Global South. Finally it will be covered how fair trade is related to tourism and how to enhance the visibility of the fair and sustainable committed businesses in your town and thus gain arguments towards the tourist sector to commit on fair and sustainable practices.  


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