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The following assignments accompany this course and mostly consist of one self-assessment per learning unit. Please click on the respective Module to get instructions for the module-specific assignments and submit your work for the different learning units for review to the course instructor at your university. Please also note that in order to obtain ECTS points for a Module, there will be an assessment (e.g., essay, exam, presentation, etc.) at the end of each Module on all of its contents in line with the rules and regulations of the university you are studying. Please get in touch with the course instructor at your university for more details.

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Assignments per Module

Module 0: Foundations of the Development of Sustainable & Responsible Tourism

Module 1: Climate Change - Energy and Resource Efficiency

Module 2: Natural Heritage & Biodiversity

Module 3: Travel, Transport and Mobility

Module 4: Human Rights & Labor Rights

Module 5: Value Chain Management & Fair Trade

Module 6: Cultural Heritage, Lifestyles & Diversity

Module 7: Good Governance & CSR

Module 8: Marketing & Certification

Module 9: Destination Management

Module 10: Knowledge Networking, Training and Education


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