Sustainability & Collaboration

The partners have set up a post-project knowledge alliance management structure to continue to manage the knowledge base, to run courses and to deliver sustainable tourism development educational and training courses and services to graduate students, SMEs and destinations.

The TRIANGLE KA is open to collaboration possibilities to develop and use this toolkit within the context of the UN and EU 2030 Agenda to implement sustainable tourism in protected areas regionally, nationally and globally. The Knowledge Alliance seeks partners who wish to use the vector of sustainable tourism for sustainable development in future projects, particularly focusing on SDGs 08, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17.


Main achievements

  1. A knowledge alliance of universities and businesses wishing to manage their sustainable tourism offers in a collaborative framework > TRIANGLE KA Network
  2. A collectively-managed tourism knowledge base configured as an applications database engine, supporting:
  3. A Competence in Sustainable & Responsible Tourism Certification online course > Certification Course
  4. A Sustainable Tourism Development  Handbook and Online course >SD of Tourism Course
  5. A Travel Green Europe Mapping App for certified tourism businesses to reach out to responsible consumers >Travel Green Europe
  6. A Certification Quickfinder to help businesses choose the most suitable certification process >Certification Quickfinder
  7. A Tourism Sustainability Best Practice Browser for evidenced-based decision taking > Good Practice Browser
  8. A Europe-wide student intern placement system offering in-situ and online certification & auditor skills training > Internship Programme
TRIANGLE KA Network Knowledge Base SD of Tourism Course Certification Course
Good Practice Browser Certification Quickfinder Green Mapping Internship Programme



Partners Consortium:
  The project TRIANGLE is cofinanced by the European ERASMUS + Programme.