Certification is recognized as an important marketing instrument. Certificates ad labels enhance a more transparent and generally comprehensible designation of sustainable tourism products and therefore help travellers as well as business partners along the tourism supply chain to get a better orientation. Marketing is an important component of the implementation of sustainable tourism principles and practices. Marketing strategies can provide a coordinating framework in which the interests of destinations and businesses can be harnessed to pull in the sustainable tourism development direction. Marketing is concerned with determining consumer needs and preferences, creating appropriate products, providing useful information about products to consumers and advertising their benefits. The knowledge and attitudes of stakeholders can have a major effect on the achievement of sustainable tourism objectives within individual businesses and within the broader tourism destination.

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The Role of Tourism Stakeholders

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Best tools for free: Search and disseminate the Certification Quickfinder with all certificates worldwide and the global Green Travel Maps with 20,000 certified tourism businesses, destinations and tour operators. Thus you help raising the market share and market access of environmentally and socially compatible tourism from 1% today to 10% until 2030 - the SDG12 flagship aim of the Travel Green Planet collaboration initiative.

Helping you further: the Tourism2030 Compass Knowledge Base Content

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