News ECOTRANS celebrates 25 years of sustainable development collaboration at ITB2018!

SDGs 2030 and the Tourism 2030 Portal- Fairy Tale or Fairy Tale Ending?

Ecotrans members, panelists and project partners - committed to making the SDGs 2030 a fairy tale ending

Over 100 experts attended the launch of the Tourism 2030 Portal at ITB on 8th March 2018 to mark the 25th year of the Ecotrans European Network for Sustainable Tourism Development. The presentation addressed the issue of how to ensure that the SDGs are not a fairy tale fantasy that will never happen, but instead will have a fairy tale ending with ‘no one left behind’. Ecotrans members presented their long term overview of sustainable tourism development, establishing that many of the burning issues from the past are still the same. This was backed by a survey of Tourism 2030 portal contacts showing Sustainable Consumption and Production provides an overarching theme to cover a set of burning issues and challenges from climate change to transport, human rights and over-tourism.

Geoffrey Lipman - former Assistant Secretary General UN-WTO tourism and Sun X founder – praised the enduring nature of the network and its commitment to implementation activities, welcoming future collaboration ensure the mainstreaming of tourism sustainability. Wolfgang Strasdas of Eberswalde University introduced the TRIANGLE project, which is using the platform to create a knowledge Alliance of HEIs who are maintaining the knowledge base to improve course quality development for students and offer practical sustainability services to local businesses. Herbert Hamele, Ecotrans President, introduced Portal sustainability tools such as the Travel Green Mapping Service, a Certification Quickfinder and the Tourism Sustainability Best Practice Browser.

To mark the occasion Ecotrans has launched the Tourism 2030 Countdown Clock to support timely collaboration efforts and monitor our common progress towards the goal. You can sign up to the Clock to be part of this process and/or take the Tourism 2030 SDG survey.



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