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Welcome to the Online Training Room of the Brazil 2016 Olympic Truce Peace Campaign! 

The ABC of Being an Olympic Truce Peace Ambassador

These pages offer an on-line  training space for Olympic Truce Peace Ambassadors for Rio 2016. It will give you all the knowledge and  tools to:

1)  promote the Olympic Truce in your country or among your interest groups, and

2) to make your Truce Implementation Progress Reports.

You will be linked up with an existing Truce Peace Ambassador, who will mentor you through your promotion and reporting process. This will involve a series of Skype based online individual and group training session. With their assistance, you will undergo and inductiion process to follow the ABC programme of becoming an Olympic Truce Peace Ambassador, as set out below

A. Introduction to the Olympic Truce Campaign - History of the Olympic Truce and its Modern Context

B. the Role of an Olympic Truce Peace Ambassador  - Creating  a National Strategy to  Promote & Report on the Implementation of the Truce in your Country. 

C. The Brazil 2016 Olympic Truce Awareness, Responsible Stakeholder and Conflict Area Report Cards

During your training on developing a national Olympic Truce Peace Promotion & Reporting Strategy you need to undertake the following steps in your own time in this order:

  1. Study the history and background of the Olympic Truce and become familiar with the Global Peace Index and its profiling of your conutry.
  2. Download and read the ppt ‘Creating a national strategy to  Promote & report on the implementation of the Truce in your Country’.
  3. Send an email to the campaign coordinator to say you have read the ppt and can join in one of the weekly Skype Truce Ambassador International Strategy Progress Meetings.
  4. You will be assigned a Truce Mentor (one of the existing UNESCO trained London 2012 Olympic Truce Peace Ambassadors) - keep in regular contact with your mentor.
  5. Prepare a ppt of a truce promotion implementation plan for your country. It will include contacts in the NOC, ministries, peace and sports NGOs, a celebrity, a politician and an Olympic sports personality.
  6. State any key events you plan in the report.
  7. Make a form of this presentation to use for fund-raising purposes. 
  8. Fill in the Responsible Stakeholder Report Card for the country on which you wish to help report.
  9. Monitor and report on the process of the Truce during the Games using the Conflict Area Report Card.
  10. Deliver your reports at the international truce monitoring conference.

        Your national work will and should always be done in close contact with your Truce Ambassador mentor.

(Please note - to become an Olympic Truce Peace Ambassador please click here.)

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