Natural heritage assets refer to the places and species that belong to the great biologically diverse natural wealth contained in our planetary eco-system. As well as having their own intrinsic value, they are of immense importance for tourism, which can both support and threaten their continuation and development. A sustainable approach to tourism must accept the responsibility to conserve and enhance all forms of tangible and in-tangible natural heritage as a legacy for future generations. This requires a firm commitment to effective management and  creative, responsible interpretation of heritage, supported by all tourism stakeholders.

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SPECIAL: Biodiversity
The Knowledge Pool Tourism and Biodiversity / Tourismus und Biodiversität was developed to support tourism stakeholders in Germany in contributing to halting the loss of biodiversity. It includes a "who is who" and a list of helpful publications as well as a best practoce collection and interactive checklists for hotels, camping, rastaurants, destinations, tour operators and travel agencies.       
Helping you further: the Tourism2030 Compass Knowledge Base Content

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