Good practice business HOTEL OKURA

Contributor Herbert Hamele
Country Netherlands
  • ETGG2030-GP
Organisation HOTEL OKURA
Postal address Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, 1072 LH Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Release date 08/04/2022
Landscape type Urban
  • Good Governance & CSR
GSTC Criteria for Industry
  • A1 Sustainability management system
  • A3 Reporting and communication
  • A4 Staff engagement
  • B1 Community support
  • D1.3 Energy conservation
  • D2.1 Greenhouse gas emissions
  • D2.2 Transport
Marketplace category Accommodation Providers Accommodation Providers
Type Best Practice Business (Best Practice Business)
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Protected areas nearby:

Historic Amsterdam

Certifying body:

Green Globe


Outstanding contributions

Hotel Okura is a 300 bedroom high-end city hotel in Amsterdam. It actively promotes its Green Globe gold level certification. Its comprehensive Sustainability Management Policy is available via its website and provides details of environmental and social management action and projects.  Staff are required to follow a Green Globe sustainability training programme and are encouraged to make practical suggestions. The CSR policy supports various charitable activities, notably in the area of child health and wellbeing.

Energy conservation is a main focus of activity. The installation of 873 solar panels on the roof of the Grand Ballroom led to a saving in the first year of 89 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the planting of 2700 trees. Further CO2 minimization is achieved through a heat-cold storage system and not relying on gas. New ventilation technologies have been installed. Three chiller plants were replaced by one central generator using high efficiency cooling machines connected to canal water and a heat pump. A new Guest Room Management System automatically adjusts settings according to use.  Eco-friendly transport is supported and suppliers and couriers as well as guests are encouraged to use bicycles.

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