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ECOTRANS, 05 March 2024

10 international certification programs certify 80% of green travel options

In 2023, more than 40 leading international and national certification programs listed their 23,000 green hotels and campsites, tour operators and travel agencies, beaches and destinations on the public Tourism2030 - Travel Green Planet Maps*).The vast majority of 80% of these travel offers with environmental or sustainability labels have been certified by 10 international systems: Green Key, Blue Flag, Green Tourism and Biosphere, followed by Travelife for Accommodations, EarthCheck, GreenSign, Green Globe, Travelife for Tour Operators and the EU Ecolabel. Three of them are mainly represented in their country of origin: Green Tourism in Great Britain, Biosphere in Spain and GreenSign in Germany.

TOP 10 Certificates Certified objects  Certification Quickfinder
Green Key 5459

Blue Flag 4650
Green Tourism 2726
Biosphere 2517
Travelife Accommodations 979
EarthCheck 769
Green Sign 719
Green Globe Certification 634
Travelife Tour Operators 539
EU Ecolabel 483

Travel Green Europe: 12,000 certified accommodations

Most certified tourism businesses and destinations are located in Europe. There, the international TOP10 programs certified 4,000 beaches and marinas (Blue Flag), 800 tour operators and travel agencies (Biosphere, Travelife), and 9,000 out of 12,000 accommodations and camping sites. Around 3,000 other hotels, guesthouses, youth hostels and camping sites have opted for a different certification program with a standard tailored to their operating category (ECOCAMPING) or a national program for (environmental) sustainability such as the Austrian Ecolabel, Legambiente Turismo, IBEX Fairstay, Eco-Romania or Viabono.

Destinations & businesses: going green together

“Sustainable” destinations can not be credible without green tourism businesses and services. And green businesses alone in a destination without sustainable development plans and processes have a hard time. To create synergies for the green transformation and for contributing to the SDGs together some certification bodies offer and apply coordinated sustainability standards to both destinations and businesses, such as Biosphere, EarthCheck, Green Destinations, TourCert and the Austrian Ecolabel.


*) Travel Green Planet Maps to boost Sustainable Tourism certification

With the Tourism2030 - Travel Green Planet maps the European network for sustainable tourism development ECOTRANS provides global transparency on green certification programmes and gives visibility to certified tourism worldwide. Certification bodies are invited to use this service for free.

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