News Global Certification Quickfinder & Green Travel Maps for SDG12

New Tools to support Sustainable Consumption & Production in Tourism

More than 200 environmental and sustainable tourism certification programmes are operating worldwide: businesses, tour operators and destinations never had a greater choice of regional, national and international certificates and labels to prove their “green” commitment and performance regarding environmentally sound and socially responsible sustainability. ECOTRANS now provides on the Tourism2030 platform easy access and transparency to these certificates through its global  Certification Quickfinder and the Green Travel Maps.

Which certificate for my business?

The Global Certification Quickfinder with 240 certificates helps tourism businesses, destinations and tour operators to find those certificates which are available to them in their country and which meet their expectations on the coverage of sustainability issues, the credibility level, the visibility of their certified tourism on the global Green Travel Maps and other services for their applicants and members.

Which certified tourism in my country or destination?

The Green Travel Maps with 8000 certified businesses and destinations are continuously updated and expanded in partnership with the underlying certification programmes. In agreement with the certification programmes ECOTRANS is providing on demand the listings of certified businesses to international marketing and booking services and tour operators as information base for their product development and marketing.
See the current list of “Mapping Partners: Certificates with their Profiles and Maps” here.  

A free service for certificates to support SDG12

The Certification programmes are invited to use these online services on the Tourism2030 platform, provided by ECOTRANS for free as part of the TRIANGLE project with financial support from the European Erasmus + programme. With the Certification Quickfinder and the Green Travel Maps the partners are supporting the Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SDG12).

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