News ECOTRANS Season Greetings: What a Year!

Not only our not-for-profit network ECOTRANS can look back to 25 years of working engaging for the sustainable development of tourism, also many other organisations were founded in the early 90ies of the last century, encouraged by the UN World Summit 1992 and its Agenda 21. We saw many of you at our ECOTRANS Event at ITB and other conferences, full of good words and feelings.

Did we achieve anything substantial?

yes, all together we have done a lot in the past and should also be a bit proud of some achievements. E.g. the independent platform – managed by ECOTRANS - can be seen as a milestone in providing free access to a global knowledge base and tools for decision makers, e.g. the global Certification Quickfinder for tourism businesses and destinations, and the Green Travel Maps of certified tourism,

and no, the necessary shift to mainstream sustainable production and consumption is far from being a reality. The dramatic loss of biodiversity and unrestrained global warming rather means today: from urgency to emergency! 

Towards 2030
In response to these challenges ECOTRANS will now focus its work in the next 12 years on creating synergies with you and other like-minded experts and organisations. Please look out for our next message in January 2019 … 

But now…
Let’s have a break and spend some peaceful and joyful days together with our families and friends -

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019! 

Herbert Hamele, Marion Hammerl, Karl Reiner, Gordon Sillence
(ECOTRANS board)


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