News ECOTRANS gives insight to 50 leading labels worldwide

"Sustainable Tourism Certification Worldwide", 50 labels 2014, in  English - German - French - Spanish

2014: Guide through the Label Jungle

In 2014 the "Guide through the Label Jungle" (ECOTRANS, NFI, AKTE, Tourism Watch) provided information on the development of sustainable tourism certification and its market role, presenting 20 leading labels and a compiled list of 30 additional labels from all global regions:

  • Who is behind these labels?
  • In what countries do they operate?
  • Which tourism businesses and services do they certify?
  • How far do they cover environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability criteria?
  • How transparent are their standards?
  • What about their verification and control system

10,000 print copies have been disseminated at tourism fairs and other events.

NEW: sustainability, transparency, credibility of 50 labels - Edition February 2014

As a response to the growing interest from tour operators,  consumers associations and NGOs, ECOTRANS has updated and expanded the list to 50 international and national certification programmes for hotels, destinations or tour operators.

The research and dissemination is supported by TUI, DER Touristik, TourCert, SRV, VKI, TravelMotion, NFI, Tourism Watch and AKTE. The results are now available for own use and for dissemination as 2 pages tables: "Sustainable Tourism Certification Worldwide" in  English - German - French - Spanish

For interested businesses and tourism professionals, tour operators and travel agents, journalists and marketing services, destinations and administration bodies, NGOs, teachers and trainers, students, travellers ... each of the 50 certificates is linked with its detailed description on DestiNet.

Certified Tourism on one global map

To support the visibility and market access of sustainable tourism the labels now can link the locations of their certified businesses and services with the independent global Green Market Place on DestiNet.

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