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In march 2011 ECOTRANS  and Visions on Sustainable Tourism presented the VESTAS at ITB: 20 certification systems and awards had nominated 100 businesses, tour operators and destinations in Europe. An Ecotrans expert group had selected about 20 extraordinary examples as winners. 

How was it announced? Who nominated whom? Where are the 100 nominees? What has been presented at ITB?

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At ITB 2014 the new VISTAS will be launched with pilot destinations from Europe, nominated by intetrnational awards, certificates and networks of destinations commotted to sustainable development. Further destinations from all over the world will be invited to apply for VISTAS 2015 and to present themselves at ITB 2014 as VISTAS starters.

At ITB 2015 the global VISTAS will be presented with best practices from all global regions



Valere Tjolle, Visions on Sustainable Tourism/TravelMole

Herbert Hamele, ECOTRANS