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Berlin, March 2011


What is VESTAS?

The Visions/DestiNet European Sustainable Tourism Awards - VESTAS - were created by Vision on Sustainable Tourism in partnership with the DestiNet Sustainable Tourism information portal to showcase, consolidate and highlight the enormous drive taking sustainable tourism to its maximum potential. There are some 50 sustainable tourism certifying agencies in Europe. Initially the VESTAS sought to partner with as many of these agencies as possible so that they may showcase their chosen awardees. One third of these agencies have made 95 nominations - for the first year a great success. 26 nominees provided detailed profiles with their efforts and achievements regarding the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria and the DestiNet topics. An international ECOTRANS experts team selected 11 outstanding examples to showcase the range of best practices in Europe.  

99 best practices all over Europe

The first European award ceremony took place at ITB Berlin on March 11, 2011. Congratulations to the 99 best practices which were awarded by Vision on Sustainable Tourism with the VESTAS 2011 !

The awarded businesses and destinations are published on the DestiNet Atlas of EXCELLENCE - the global map of awarded tourism contributing with excellent initiatives and measures to sustainable tourism development worldwide.

See the locations of the 99 nominations on the DestiNet Atlas!

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Your VESTAS Team

Herbert Hamele - Valere Tjolle - Gordon Sillence