Contact Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia

The Ministry of Tourism (NTA) is the national body responsible for tourism in Croatia. The Ministry is responsible for strategies, policies and measures on the national level; it proposes laws regulating tourism and hospitality industry, the tourist board system and tourist taxes.

Within the MT budget there are special lines for funding a number of projects dealing with development of original Croatian souvenirs, preservation of tangible and intangible heritage, tourism education and training, enhancing quality in the hospitality sector, development of rural tourism, new tourism products, public tourism infrastructure, events and the other promotional activities for tourism development etc.

The MT carried out the public tender for awarding grants to companies with programmes aiming to improve the quality of hospitality industry. The objectives of the program were: enhancing services in hospitality industry in the areas where tourism is underdeveloped, stimulating construction, reconstruction and restoration of hotels and restaurants, improving the quality of tourist services through innovations, new technologies, sustainable development and competitiveness.  

MT implemented also the program “Eco product” to increase placement of eco products and to make tourist offer more diverse.


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Personal Title Ms.
Firstname Blanka
Lastname Belosević
Job Title Head of the Sector for Intranational Cooperation
Department Sector for International Cooperation
Organisation Ministry of Tourism
Postal Address Prisavlje 14, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone Number +385 1 6169 300
Released 11/09/2012
Country Croatia
Organization Type Governments & Administrations Governments & Administrations
Topics Destination Management
Operational level National