Folder Olympic Truce Peace Ambassadors Supporters Group

The Olympic Truce Peace Ambassadors need support. They are usually based in areas of conflict, have minimimal resources and time, and are under potential threat of violence themselves. We need a group of orgnaisaitons and individuals to stand up and support the Truce ambassadors to do their work effectively and safely.

We are looking for key stakeholders to get behind the Truce.  The UN-WTO has taken a lead in supporting us, and now we are looking for the IOC , National Olympic Committes and Government Ministries to back this campaign and work alongside the dedicated group of Sports Tourism and cultura NGOs  that are already involved following the London 2012 Games.  

With your support we are aiming to:

  • Identify and recruiit Truce Peace Ambassadors in conflict zones around the world
  • Call for a one minute silence at the during the opening and closing ceremonies to mark the Truce
  • Run an online trainng programme for each  Peace Ambassaador in the conflict zones to report on the Truce
  • Develop a Peace Ambassadors Friends programme to ensure individual contact with Truce abassadors.
  • Hold an Olympic Truce and Travel Reporting Conference during Rio 2016 in Brazil.

Your individual effort could make all the difference. Please contact us to find out how you can contribute as a Truce Ambassador suporter to making global peace happen in 2016.