Folder ITB 2018: Tourism and SDGs 2030 - A Fairy Tale or a Fairy Tale Ending?


In 2018 the ECOTRANS Network for Sustainable Tourism Development is celebrating 25 years of European and global-level networking, policy-making and  project implementation to promote responsible and sustainable tourism. Starting with ITB on March 8th 14.30 hrs we held the public launch of the Tourism 2030 Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Portal. At that event we asked people to join us in the Big Discussion on the implementation of sustainable tourism to meet the SD2030 Goals and Paris Agreement targets. 

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The SDGs2030: Fairy tale or fairy tale ending?
(Gordon Sillence, Ecotrans)

25 Years ECOTRANS in the field of Sustainable Tourism Development (Herbert Hamele, Ecotrans)

Statements ECOTRANS members

Tourism2030 site - public launch

TRIANGLE Knowledge Alliance
(Wolfgang Strasdas, HNEE)

Countdown Clock: milestones to meet the 2030 targets

Round Table:
- Antje Monshausen - Tourism Watch
- Christine Plüss – AKTE
- Dirk Glaeßer – UNWTO
- Geoffrey Lipman – SUN
- Olaf Schlieper – Germany Travel
- Petra Thomas – FAR
- Randy Durband - GSTC
Moderation: Marion Hammerl - GNF

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