Good practice destination El Monegal

Contributor Arnau Picó
Country Spain
  • ecoact
Release date 10/12/2017
Landscape type Rural
  • Value Chain Management & Fair Trade
  • Destination Management
  • Certification & Marketing
  • Climate Change - Energy and Resource Efficiency
  • Natural Heritage & Biodiversity
  • Cultural Heritage, Life Styles & Diversity
GSTC Criteria for Destinations
  • A: Sustainable management
  • B: Socio-economic sustainability
  • C: Cultural sustainability
  • D: Environmental sustainability
Marketplace category Accommodation Providers Accommodation Providers
Type Best Practice Destination (Best Practice Destination)
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Good Practice Innovation Sheet
Artículos Descripción
1. WHO
Key people and organisations (initiator, leader, partners)  Josep Pintó, Patricia Miralles
Key Figures Surface Inhabitants Tourism arrivals Tourism nights
2. WHY
Reason for taking the good practice action  An excellent example of ecotourism accommodation and business. The place is completely adapted for disabled people and builded using bio materials. Also the owners have a parallel business (production of apple) and the process is according to they values of respect and care to nature. They are using they own energy. They have also a bio restaurant selling kilometer zero services. They also organise opera concerts. 
Issues and challenge  Lost of agriculture and primary services in the zone, with no distribution circuit for products. No other accommodation services for disabled people as a reference in this place. 
3. HOW
Methods /steps / tools used (to develop the good practice)  Being faithful to the aim. They had a clear and complete vision of what they wanted and how must be created since the beginning. They combine the tourism accommodation service with the income of the apple production. They builded a house completely adapted to provide experiences related with nature, healty food, relax and so on to disabled costumers. 
Specific/measurable results, benefits  They are producing a bio apple which is exclusive from the zone and this product is distributed at european level. They are experts in hosting disabled people, which is also an exclusive offer in the zone (and in most of the rural areas in Catalonia). They are bringing closer the classic music to the zone, by programming professional performance through professional artist. 
Recognitions (e.g. awards)  
Lessons learned  A clear and complete vision since the beginning is really useful to start building up a coherent business. The combination of two businesses is clue to mantain both when something goes wrong. They are really committed with facilitate the access and confort for disabled people. The whole business is consistent and coherent with the aim and vision, also providing services from different sectors (food, accommodation, culture, agro products). 
Challenges met  
Critical success factors  
6. MORE 
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