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ECO TOURISM ACTION PLAN: Integrating Innovative Practices And Best Applications in EU with Regard of EQF (Ecoact) Project
Many of the world’s natural areas remain under threat; there has been a further loss of biodiversity and resources for conservation remain inadequate. Climate change has increasingly become a major threat affecting the very resources on which ecotourism depends – natural areas and local and Indigenous communities in Europe and Turkey.
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Project Aim

In this regards, the project proposal aims to promote innovative approaches and mechanisms of using ecotourism to finance conservation initiatives and research projects monitoring the impacts on wildlife, and to support socially, culturally and environmentally sustainable development of destinations. The purpose of this project is to strengthen the cooperation between organization, institutions and forest services through the diversification of activities in ecotourism routes, transfer of concepts, experiences, skills and EU Applications with adapted learning and teaching methods. This project also aims to design an ecotourism curriculum for organizations, institutions, forest services and other stakeholders in Europe and Turkey, who are working in eco-tourism sector.

Duration: November 2016 - October 2018

Expected Results

  • Research analysis (Questionnaires, SWOT analysis, EU Best Practices)
  • Contents of the training program (cases, practices, test, learning methodology)
  • Eco tourism training handbook
  • GreenTravelMap on for Turkey: Black Sea Region
  • Android and IOS Application: Black Sea Region Turkey
  • ECOACT project web page
Project Partners
  • General Directorate of Forestry (Coordinator) -Turkey
  • ECO-ORLOV -Czech Republic
  • ECOTRANS - Germany
  • CTFC - Spain
  • KTRC Radece - Slovenia
  • OGEM-VAK - Turkey
  • Tercih Counselling and Software Co - Turkey