Good practice destination Regional park Kozjansko

Contributor marija imperl
Country Slovenia
  • ecoact
Organisation Kozjanski park
Postal address Podsreda 45, 3257 Podsreda
Phone 00 386 3 800 71 00
Release date 02/01/2018
Landscape type Protected
  • Climate Change - Energy and Resource Efficiency
GSTC Criteria for Destinations
  • A3 Monitoring and reporting
  • A5 Resident engagement and feedback
  • A7 Promotion and information
  • A11 Risk and crisis management
  • B3 Supporting local entrepreneurs and fair trade
  • B6 Property and user rights
  • C1 Protection of cultural assets
  • C2 Cultural artefacts
  • C3 Intangible heritage
  • C4 Traditional access
  • D: Environmental sustainability
  • D.2. Protection of sensitive environments
  • D.3. Wildlife protection
  • D.7. Water security
  • D.8. Water quality
  • D.10. Solid waste reduction
  • D.11. Light and noise pollution
Marketplace category Attractions Attractions
Type Best Practice Destination (Best Practice Destination)
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Good Practice Innovation Sheet
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1. WHO
Key people and organisations (initiator, leader, partners) Regional park Kozjansko
Established by Republic of Slovenia; Manager: Kozjansko Park Public Institute, as part of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
Key Figures Surface Inhabitants Tourism arrivals Tourism nights
 206km2  10700 No data No data
2. WHY
Reason for taking the good practice action Kozjansko park is one of the oldest and largest protected areas in Slovenia. Its extremely high level of biodiversity places Kozjansko park among the most important nature protection areas in Slovenia and Europe as the majority of the park (69%) has been part of the ecologically important areas in Slovenia since 2004 as well as belonging to the NATURA 2000 European special protection areas.
Issues and challenge Size - extends over 5 municipalities. Locals - informing and educating. Money challenges.  
3. HOW
Methods /steps / tools used (to develop the good practice) Preserving nature (natural water treatment plant, etc.); cooperating with locals, educating and informing; supporting tradition; establishing collective trademark - Harmony - Kozjansko park.
Specific/measurable results, benefits Under the protection of UNESCO as part of the MAB programme (Man and Biosphere) since 2010.
Harmony - Kozjansko park Trademark (designation of origin, production and manufacture of goods, products (also artistic) and services, the designation of geographical origin or the origin of goods, food products, handicrafts and arts’ products, catering and tourism services, cultural information services and other public and private services, organized events and created information for different purposes in a protected area of natural and cultural landscape, manufacturers and providers within the area of the Kozjansko park, which are in accordance with the mission of the protected area.
Recognitions (e.g. awards) Numerous awards/certificates. The European Eco-label for tourist accommodation service, ISO 14001, Slovenia green accommodation, CIPRA, Top 10 Green Tourism Solutions
Lessons learned Sustainable management and development is necessary. Bureaucracy is sometimes an obstacle for investors - not only for foreign ones. Getting locals educated and involved is very important.
Challenges met Locals accepted sustainable development; 100% renewable energy sources used; many projects implemented.
Critical success factors Higher investments and costs in the beginning, with return of investment in the first few years. Lower monthly bills. Increasing quality of service and offer.
6. MORE 
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