Good practice destination Hotel Thermana Park Lasko **** Superior

Contributor marija imperl
Country Slovenia
  • ecoact
Department Reception
Postal address ZDRAVILIŠKA 6, 3270 LAŠKO
Cell phone 00 386 3 423 2000
Release date 03/01/2018
Landscape type Urban
  • Climate Change - Energy and Resource Efficiency
GSTC Criteria for Destinations
  • A8 Managing visitor volumes and activities
  • A10 Climate change adaptation
  • A11 Risk and crisis management
  • B2 Decent work and career opportunities
  • D.5. Energy conservation
  • D.6. Water Management
  • D.8. Water quality
  • D.9. Wastewater
  • D.10. Solid waste reduction
  • D.11. Light and noise pollution
Marketplace category Accommodation Providers Accommodation Providers
Type Best Practice Destination (Best Practice Destination)
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Good Practice Innovation Sheet
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1. WHO
Key people and organisations (initiator, leader, partners) Hotel Thermana Park Laško **** Superior
Belič Damjan (general manager), Grbec Rudi, Salobir Boštjan
Key Figures (Lasko Municipality) Surface Inhabitants Tourism arrivals Tourism nights
197,5 km2  13145 77898 257718
2. WHY
Reason for taking the good practice action Existance of hot springs and presence of thermal water, modernising the facilities, wanting to reduce costs and preserving the environment.
Issues and challenge Renewable energy sources, saving energy, waste reduction, local environment improvement, getting acceptance from local people
3. HOW
Methods /steps / tools used (to develop the good practice) Modernizing the facilites, complying with the EU eco-label standards, educating the locals and employing them
Specific/measurable results, benefits Using renewable energy sources (use of waste heat, waste water and hot air - heat pumps water/water, air/water), lowering environmental pollution and including organic locally sourced food, separation of waste (waste sorting facilities in hotel rooms, the minimum use of the products and packaging for single use), use of energy-saving lamps, automatic switching off of air conditioning and heating, automatically switching off of lighting in hotel rooms - linked to the hotel key cards, high-quality window insulation, energy-efficient refrigerators ...
Recognitions (e.g. awards) EU ecolabel, Bee-friendly Company, Green Accommodation Sign, Disability friendly, …
Lessons learned Lowering costs with a sustainable approach, improving and preserving local environment and reducing environmental impact at the same time.
Challenges met Complying with EU ecolabel standards, acceptance from locals, using renewable energy sources and reducing energy consumption, recycling waste, ...
Critical success factors Recognizing the potential of sustainable tourism and investing money into upgrading the facilities, investing time to inform and educate locals and guests about the importance of sustainability
6. MORE 
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