Good practice destination Eco Spa Snovik

Contributor Herbert Hamele
Country Slovenia
  • ecoact
Organisation Spa Snovik
Postal address Snovik 7, 1219 Laze v Tuhinju
Phone 00 386 1 834 41 00
Release date 02/01/2018
Landscape type Rural
  • Climate Change - Energy and Resource Efficiency
GSTC Criteria for Destinations
  • A: Sustainable management
  • A10 Climate change adaptation
  • A11 Risk and crisis management
  • D.5. Energy conservation
  • D.6. Water Management
  • D.7. Water security
  • D.8. Water quality
  • D.9. Wastewater
  • D.10. Solid waste reduction
Marketplace category Accommodation Providers Accommodation Providers
Type Best Practice Destination (Best Practice Destination)
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Good Practice Innovation Sheet

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1. WHO
Key people and organisations (initiator, leader, partners)  Facilities: Eco Spa Snovik
 Company: Thermal Snovik - Kamnik d.o.o., General Manager Mrs. Petra Zlatoper
 SPA SNOVIK is the highest altitude spa in Slovenia, established in 2001. 
Key Figures Surface Inhabitants Tourism arrivals Tourism nights
 265,6 km2  29,416  25,416  65,488
2. WHY
Reason for taking the good practice action It was discovered that the area has high quality water and thus, a thermal spa was built. It is of high importance to maintain the quality of the area and the water, so development of sustainable tourism was the only viable choice.
Issues and challenge Money challenges; Successful marketing and sustainable management of the company in an area with no existing tourism; Facing challenges on account of innovative approaches (prejudice, bureaucratic obstacles, …); Educating local people on the matter of sustainability; Investing knowledge and expertise; Bringing guests to a less developed region.
3. HOW
Methods /steps / tools used (to develop the good practice) Finding financial support - partners; educating locals - implementation of many projects aimed at enviromental education and development; steps taken for the water to be recognised as a "natural remedy" by the state; additional certification.
Specific/measurable results, benefits  100% renewable energy sources, use of environment friendly technology. Biomass boiler room (heating of the apartment complex), solar collectors (pool water heating), vacuum solar collectors and heat pumps (water-water and air-water), Intelligent Room System (heating electricity, cooling only available when guest card is inserted). Apartment complex constructed from environmentally friendly materials. Separate waste collection. More than 500 tons less CO2 per year. Energy use 21% lower.
Recognitions (e.g. awards) Numerous awards/certificates. The European Eco-label for tourist accommodation service, ISO 14001, Slovenia green accommodation, CIPRA, Top 10 Green Tourism Solutions
Lessons learned Sustainable management and development is necessary. Bureaucracy is sometimes an obstacle for investors - not only for foreign ones. Getting locals educated and involved is very important.
Challenges met Locals accepted sustainable development, 100% renewable energy sources, many projects implemented. 
Critical success factors Greater investments and costs in the beginning, with return of investment in the first few years. Lower monthly bills. Increasing quality of service and offer.
6. MORE 
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