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In Germany more than 50 regional, national and international certificates, labels and awards are available to environmentally friendly, sustainable tourism businesses and destinations > Green Proofs

These systems can and should significantly strengthen their requirements for biodiversity, as proposed in the publication biodiversity criteria for tourism: recommendations for standards, labels and awards (Download: PDF, 1MB)

The following certificates and awards have already integrated or are planning to integrate these recommendations  into the upcoming revision of their requirements. They recommend their businesses and destinations to use the self-checks. Thus together with their businesses and destinations make an important contribution to biodiversity conservation.

Best practice examples illustrate particular biodiversity strengths: they did the biodiversity self-check and described their exemplary measures. Ideally, they are recognized for their commitment to sustainability with a certificate or as finalist or winner of a competition.

Tourism & Biodiversity: Recommended Certificates and Awards

ECOCAMPING ist a leading management system for camp sites in Europe with special focus on environment, nature protection, security and quality. 

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