Certificate Alpine Pearls

Alpine Pearls is a transnational network of destinations in the Alps. It currently consists of 19 members in five Alpine countries - Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy and Switzer- land. The association was founded in 2006 by 17 members, the "Pearls of the Alps", based in Werfenweng in Austria.

The core message of Alpine Pearls is the "mobility guarantee on holiday". The environ- mentally friendly mobility guarantee makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the climate. 

Certifying Organisation Alpine Pearls
Partner Organisation/s Ministries, Service provider, Mobility centers, Tour operator, Tourism organizations, International networks
License Period (years)  5 Years
Certified Tourism (nr) More than 10  

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Organisation Alpine Pearls
Postal Address EVTZ Alpine Pearls mbH Techendorf 90 A-9762 Weissensee
Phone Number +43 (0)720 779376
Webpage https://www.alpine-pearls.com - open in new window
Released 18/12/2022
Country Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia
Certified categories
  • Transport & Mobility Services Transport & Mobility Services
  • Accommodation Providers Accommodation Providers
  • Camping Camping
  • Activities Activities
  • Destinations Destinations
Operational level Sub-Global
Sustainability Comprehensive
Credibility Desk, random on-site audit
  • Certified tourism map on Tourism 2030
  • Standard published online for free
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