Good practice destination Nordeifel

Contributor DiegoNunez
Country Germany
  • Bundeswettbewerb awards
  • Excellence 2016/17
  • awarded
  • ecoact
Organisation Nordeifel Tourismus GmbH
Postal address Bahnhofstraße 13 · 53925 Kall, Germany
Cell phone 02441. 99457-0
Release date 30/03/2018
Landscape type Rural
  • Destination Management
  • Certification & Marketing
  • Natural Heritage & Biodiversity
GSTC Criteria for Destinations
  • A: Sustainable management
  • B: Socio-economic sustainability
  • C: Cultural sustainability
  • D: Environmental sustainability
Marketplace category Destinations Destinations
Type Best Practice Destination (Best Practice Destination)
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Finalist of the Bundeswettbewerb Nachhaltige Tourismusregionen 2016/17


Good Practice Innovation Sheet
Items Description
1. WHO
Key people and organisations (initiator, leader, partners) North Eifel Tourism Organisation in Kall (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)
Key Figures Surface Inhabitants Tourism arrivals Tourism nights
 337 km²
2. WHY - 3. HOW

Reason for taking the good practice action/ Issues and challenge

Methods /steps / tools used (to develop the good practice)


In recent years, the mobility offer for tourists has greatly improved as a result of substantial stakeholder engagement. New local public transport links have been established and demand-responsive schemes, such as taxibus services and share taxis, have been consolidated and the provision of hire stations for cycles and pedelecs (pedal electric cycles) expanded. Bus connections to the fully accessible Wild Kermeter area for experiencing nature and, since 2017, the Eifelsteig hiking bus are new additions. Day visitors, overnights guests based at one location but also long-distance hikers are equally attracted by the new offer. Another scheme designed for tourists is the GuestCard. It enables guests who have booked overnight accommodation with participating businesses to use local public transport free of charge within the Rhein-Sieg and other networks and also benefit from discounts and/or additional services currently provided by more than 30 tourism partners.

Specific/measurable results, benefits   

Finalist of the Federal Competition Sustainable Tourism Destinations in Germany (2016/2017)

Recognitions (e.g. awards)

Lessons learned,

Challenges met,

Critical success factors


Sustainable tourism planning

Working closely with tourism industry partners, destination managers have pursued a variety of strategies in recent years in order to develop the North Eifel as a sustainable tourism region. The tourism infrastructure has been continuously upgraded in order to meet target groups’ demand for a very special experience of nature. For example, premium hiking trails have been created, such as the Eifelsteig and the fully accessible Wild Kermeter area for experiencing nature. The Eifel National Park also attracts visitors with an interest in the nocturnal, for the region has been awarded official Dark Sky Park status – only the second in Germany – and offers guided night-time nature walks and star-gazing. Some hosts have volunteered for “starfriendly” status, which means that they are responsive to the requests and needs of guests taking part in evening or night-time tourism activities.

Protecting and experiencing nature

When it comes to tourism, the North Eifel’s outstanding natural beauty and landscape are its capital assets. Tourism service providers are aware of this and design their offers accordingly. For example, the EifelNaturReisen (Eifel Nature Travel) scheme enables visitors to book new and unconventional experiences of nature in the region. All the offers have been carefully selected in accordance with clearly

defined quality criteria. The region has many years of experience in working in close partnership with nature conservation stakeholders. This collaboration always produces  new and exciting offers, such as Eifel trekking, which gives guests the exclusive opportunity to camp at specially selected sites in the midst of nature. The precise locations are kept under wraps until a booking has been made.

Partner networks

Various Partner networks ensure the provision of ecofriendly tourism services with a strong regional connection. The network of National Park Hosts has existed since the Eifel National Park was first established. In order to qualify for the scheme, Hosts must fulfil various optional and mandatory criteria, focusing on quality and sustainability. All the Partner businesses feel a special commitment to the Eifel National Park’s mission statement and have introduced their own sustainable management practices.

Products and services sold under the EIFEL regional brand stand for certified quality. Hosts can also display the brand label: a yellow “e”. However, this is only awarded to businesses that have a transparent, proven and audited commitment to quality and regionality. All the participating businesses are conscious of their responsibility to the Eifel natural space and are committed to honouring their quality pledge. The KlimaTour Eifel (Eifel Climate Tour) network is actively engaged in protecting the climate, showcasing businesses with a small carbon footprint and featuring specific tourism offers; guests can also calculate the climate footprint for their own visit.

Stakeholder training

Providing training and upskilling for tourism businesses is another focus of activity. For example, every year, Nordeifel Tourismus GmbH offers six days of consultations for tourism service providers wishing to grow their business and make them fit for the future. Zu Gast in der eigenen Heimat (Guest at Home Activity Day), introduced in 2014, is designed with local residents in mind, giving them insights into their local tourism industry. The North Eifel NeTWorking event was first held in 2015 and helps to improve networking among tourism service providers.
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The text above has been taken from the Report “Sustainable Tourism Destinations in Germany”:

Lighthouse project: Cycle and Hike Railway Stations

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