Good practice business NATÜRLICH HELL

Contributor Herbert Hamele
Country Austria
  • ETGG2030-GP
Postal address Gageringerstr. 1, 6263 Fügen, Tirol, Österreich
Phone +43 (0) 5288 62203
Release date 08/04/2022
Landscape type Mountain
  • Certification & Marketing
  • Good Governance & CSR
GSTC Criteria for Industry
  • A1 Sustainability management system
  • B: Maximize social and economic benefits to the local community and minimize negative impacts
  • D: Maximize benefits to the environment and minimize negative impacts
  • D1.2 Efficient purchasing
  • D1.4 Water conservation
  • D2.1 Greenhouse gas emissions
  • D2.4 Solid waste
  • D3 Conserving biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes
Marketplace category Camping Camping
Type Best Practice Business (Best Practice Business)
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Campsite and apartments focusing on energy, using solar, wood pellets, logs from their site, heat recovery, and control systems, together with water and waste management. A low-energy sanitary building has a natural green roof. Membership of Ecocamping enables comparison of sustainability with other campsites.

Certified by Austrian Ecolabel