Good practice business DAS GRÜNE HOTEL ZUR POST

Contributor Herbert Hamele
Country Austria
  • ETGG2030-GP
Postal address Maxglaner Hauptstrasse 45, A-5020 SALZBURG
Release date 08/04/2022
Landscape type Urban
  • Good Governance & CSR
GSTC Criteria for Industry
  • A1 Sustainability management system
  • A3 Reporting and communication
  • D1.1 Environmentally preferable purchasing
  • D1.3 Energy conservation
  • D1.4 Water conservation
  • D2.1 Greenhouse gas emissions
  • D2.2 Transport
  • D2.4 Solid waste
Marketplace category Accommodation Providers Accommodation Providers
Type Best Practice Business (Best Practice Business)
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Protected areas nearby:

City of Salzburg UNESCO sites.

Several protected areas

Certifying body:

Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism


Outstanding contributions

The Grüne Hotel zur Post is a family run business in Salzburg, which seeks to combine a warm welcome with environmentally friendly hotel management.  The first move to make the hotel more sustainable was to install photovoltaic panels in the roof.  These deliver up to 11,000 kWh per year. The remaining electricity is obtained from Salzburg AG, which supplies pure green energy from renewable sources. In 2014, the oil heater was replaced with a pellet heater, using sustainable wood pellets.  Replacement of old taps has reduced water consumption in washand basins from 15.2 litres to 7.2 litres per minute, with a similar reduction in showers from 14 litres to 9 litres, without any loss of quality. Total savings of 775 m3 of water and 30,000 kWh for water heating have led to a CO2 saving of 8,500 kg.   Guests travelling by electric car, bicycle or train are given a discount on the hotel room rate.  A charging station is available for electric cars and e-bikes.

Considerable attention is paid to the use of environmentally friendly materials.  Simple steps are also taken to reduce packaging, such as sourcing cleaning agents as concentrates in 10 litre canisters, which are then mixed with water for use by the hotel.  Towels and bathmats are made from organic cotton, manufactured without the use of toxic and synthetic substances.  A published CSR Report sets out other aspects of sustainability management, including relationship with employees and the local community.

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