Good practice business CERVO MOUNTAIN RESORT

Contributor Herbert Hamele
Country Switzerland
  • ETGG2030-GP
  • ETGG2030-MAP
Postal address Riedweg 156, CH-3920 Zermatt
Release date 08/04/2022
Landscape type Marine
  • Good Governance & CSR
GSTC Criteria for Industry
  • A1 Sustainability management system
  • A4 Staff engagement
  • A5 Customer experience
  • B3 Local purchasing
  • B4 Local entrepreneurs
  • B6 Equal opportunity
  • D1.1 Environmentally preferable purchasing
  • D1.3 Energy conservation
  • D1.4 Water conservation
  • D2.1 Greenhouse gas emissions
  • D2.2 Transport
Marketplace category Accommodation Providers Accommodation Providers
Type Best Practice Business (Best Practice Business)
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Certified by ibex fairstay


Hotel and resort



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Matterhorn and related Alpine landscape

Certifying body:

Ibex fairstay


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The CERVO Mountain Resort has 54 luxury bedrooms in seven lodges, three restaurants and a spa and resort facilities.  It is located in the famous tourist centre of Zermatt, within sight of the Matterhorn.  The description of the business underlines the opportunities for guests to explore the impressive nature surrounding the resort and to discover themselves, while also promoting interaction with staff and locals and contributing to shaping the Zermatt community in its culture, tradition and values. The CERVO has been granted gold recognition in the Ibex fairstay label. It has also received MyClimate Foundation’s 2021 Award as a pioneer of sustainable hotel business locally and globally.

Energy is sourced and stored via five geothermal probes. The heat pump is powered by solar energy. Waste heat is reused through efficient water heating and consolidation of the hotel’s channel system. Waste heat from commercial refrigeration is used for producing hot water. In some lodges intelligent technology measures air pollution and automatically ventilates the space when needed.  Water saving devices are used throughout.  Water is sourced directly from the glacier and purified by an osmosis water filter.

Guests are invited to offset their CO2 emissions during their stay, with CERVO doubling this contribution.  Management guidelines reduce emissions related to food and beverage. 65% of dishes offered are vegan or vegetarian, with all meat dishes subject to the payment of an additional CO2 compensation fee. This is now also applied to the house beer. Zermatt is a car-free destination and the resort promotes arrival by train.

The land surrounding the resort is managed as permaculture and provides a source of some foods. Herbs and vegetables are grown in the gardens, which has perennial and berry hedges. The resort has its own bee colony and uses natural pest control methods. Local organic produce is used where possible, also working with other selected producers who have a proven track record of sustainability.

The resort has a fair employment policy and culture, based on a holistic approach.  Mindful living and sustainable practices are passed on to employees every day. While all staff live locally, there is a wide diversity of origin as well as a gender balance, with 50% of management being female. There are strong links with the Zermatt community, centred on the relationship with local farmers and producers and the use of local construction services and materials. The sustainability ethos is demonstrated by projects such as a monthly soup table, a vegetable market and an annual sustainability day to raise awareness amongst employees and local people. 

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