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This section is used for the development of territorial landing pages, from where you will be led to content on the Tourism2030 portal which is relevant to specific COUNTRIES.

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Global Guidelines for the Development of Sustainable Tourism

Principles of Sustainable Tourism

Policies and Strategies for Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Consumption and Production, the Circular Green Economy and Green Tourism

Tourism and the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Networking, Clustering and Knowledge Transfer - The Need for Collaborative Action

International Milestones of Sustainable Tourism

Key stakeholders at Global Level

Activities and Instruments for more sustainability in tourism

Global Initiatives and projects

Sustainability Certificates Operating Worldwide




European Policy for the Development of Sustainable Tourism

Policy Guidelines and Strategies for the Development of Sustainable Tourism

Key Stakeholders

Activities and Instruments for sustainable tourism at European Level

Initiatives and projects

Certificates and Awards Operating in Europe

Europe-Wide Action on Sustainable Tourism – National Reports




Political framework for Sustainable Tourism

National Sustainable Tourism Policies and Strategies

Policies and Strategies for Sustainable Tourism at Regional Level

Key Stakeholders (to be mapped)

Governmental and semi-governmental bodies

Tourism Associations

NGOs, Sustainable Tourism Networks and Partnerships

Relevant research and educational bodies

Individual tourism business and destinations of particular relevance

Activities and instrument for the development of sustainable tourism (to be mapped)

Sustainable Tourism Initiatives, Projects or Campaigns

Marketing and information services supporting sustainability in tourism

Tourism Sustainability Certification Systems and Awards

Capacity Building for Sustainable Tourism

Financial Support for SMEs in regard to sustainable tourism activities

Summary and conclusion on national situation

Ambitions and core achievements regarding sustainable tourism and the role of SMEs in it

Challenges for the development of sustainable tourism and for SMEs

Prospects and challenges with regard to the (post)-covid-1 situation

Recommendations for boosting Sustainable Tourism for SMEs