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Which certificate to choose?

More than 170 certification programmes on sustainable tourism are meanwhile operating worldwide: businesses, tour operators and destinations never had a greater choice of regional, national and international labels to proof their “green” commitment and performance regarding environmentally sound and socially responsible sustainability. And they never had more questions in order to make a proper choice:

  • Which of these certificates are available in which country?
  • Which types of tourism services can apply for them?
  • What are the differences between these labels?
  • Which labels are using standards which are internationally recognized by GSTC?
  • Which of these labels are operating a GSTC approved verification system?
  • What are their specific criteria for hotels, camping sites, restaurants, tourist attractions, activities, transport services, packages, destinations or tour operators?
  • Where can I see the certified businesses and destinations of all these certification programmes, e.g. in my country?

The new Sustainable Tourism Certification Quickfinder on gives the answers and free access to details. A helpful service

  • for tourism businesses and destination managers,
  • for product managers at tour operators and travel agents,
  • for students and professionals
  • and for certification programmes themselves to be found in the “jungle of labels”.

Global Sustainable Tourism Certification Quickfinder

The Quickfinder first ever allows to search for certification programmes operating in a specific country: starting with the 47 countries in Europe, other global regions will follow soon.  

Quickfinder Europe

A service by ECOTRANS

To provide transparency in the market segment and to support mainstreaming of sustainable and responsible tourism, since 1993 ECOTRANS has continuously researched and published the growing list of certification programmes & their certified businesses on the independent platform.

ECOTRANS - European network for sustainable tourism development

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